Rolling Out Tableau to the Enterprise

Scaling Tableau beyond departmental boundaries introduces significant new challenges and risks around performance, data integrity, maintainability, security and training.

Relying on Tableau for enterprise-wide reporting and analytics requires a very different approach (and mindset) than using it as a desktop analysis tool.

In this webinar recording, the Tableau gurus at Senturus discuss the things they wished they had known before rolling out Tableau to the enterprise.

The presentation included these topics and more:

  • A demonstration of best practices for designing shared dashboards
  • Which tasks to keep in Tableau and which to offload
  • The consequences of data prep vs data blending
  • The changing role of IT
  • Avoiding performance issues


John Peterson
CEO and Co-Founder
Senturus, Inc.

John is the company’s thought leader and visionary. John directs the delivery of all projects with Senturus, providing the bridge of technical and business understanding.

Kyle Biehle
Tableau Solutions Architect
Senturus, Inc.

Kyle has 20 years of experience in data analytics and 10 years working with Tableau. Kyle is focused on helping clients use Tableau in novel and efficient ways by helping them see and interact with their data in ways they hadn’t before.

Presentation outline

Things that change when crossing the departmental boundary:

  • Analyst role
  • Skills required
  • Audience
  • Environmental control
  • Training
  • Role of IT
  • Security/access control
  • Source of data
  • Data refresh
  • Data validity
  • Data control
  • Updates/maintenance
  • Single source of the truth

Ten pitfalls to avoid when rolling out Tableau to the enterprise:

  • Tableau can’t do everything – play to its strengths and offload other tasks
  • Analysts need training to become Tableau authors – roles change when you go wide
  • Less is more – broad use magnifies confusion and maintainability issues
  • Data preparation is critical – just because Tableau can do it, doesn’t mean it should
  • Tableau Server will become a dumping ground – freedom can sometimes become a curse
  • Single source of truth still matters – data governance is king
  • Shared environments will effect user experience – separate the sandbox from the board room
  • You will need IT – stealth mode does not scale
  • Monitor and control – “post and go” won’t work
  • Stakeholder engagement is critical – “if you build it, they will come” fails

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