Connect Tableau to Cognos: Ixia Shows How

Some organizations running Cognos have hesitated to widely deploy Tableau – with understandable reason. Because Tableau can’t connect to the Cognos environment, Tableau users bypass the secure, governed and business friendly data that lives there. Instead, they work directly with raw source data, going through a labor-intensive process of re-remodeling data. Aside from wasting valuable time, this method compromises data integrity, security and reporting accuracy.

View a show-and-tell of the Senturus Analytics Connector, our simple, elegant solution that ties Cognos to Tableau as a data source. You’ll also hear from one of our customers, Ixia, and learn how they are you using the Connector. At Ixia, the Connector has replaced rerunning calculations in Excel for their weekly, monthly and quarterly reports saving many hours of labor per month. The biggest benefit Ixia appreciates is knowing the data is trustworthy and not subject to human errors associated with Excel manipulations.

Designed to help both IT and Tableau users, this demo shows how the Analytics Connector enables

  • Faster report building in Tableau
  • Reduced change management
  • Improved security with appropriate guardrails around data access
  • Increased data accuracy
  • Better overall Tableau performance

Learn how your organization can enjoy the self-service visualizations of Tableau while preserving the benefits of your Cognos model.


Michael Weinhauer
Practice Area Director and Solutions Architect
Senturus, Inc.

Michael Weinhauer heads up the Tableau Practice at Senturus. Michael comes to us from Oracle, IBM and SAP, where he spent over 20 years in different roles acquiring a wealth of hands-on, practical BI and Big Data experience. Michael’s team is also responsible for the development of the Senturus Business Analytics Connector for Tableau to Cognos, which lets Tableau use Cognos as a data source.

Rajat Sharma
Financial Planning and Business Intelligence Specialist

Rajat has over 10 years of experience as a Financial Planning and Business Intelligence Analyst. He is a motivated self-starter who is committed to looking for ways to improve processes and exceed expectations of customers. Rajat manages multiple priorities and is always adjusting in the fast-paced environment in which he works. He continually strives to understand the data and present analysis in an engaging delivery.

Steven Kiser
Senior Manager, Financial Systems

Steven has over 25 years of experience in FP&A, Business Intelligence, and Process Improvement.  He has implemented numerous Business Intelligence and budgeting systems for financial institutions and High Tech firms.  His mantra is “if you can’t find the time to do it right, when will you find the time to do it over?”

Presentation outline

  • Huge Value in Existing BI Models
  • Tableau’s Data Prep Pane Wastes Time and Compromises Integrity
  • Some Challenges with (Re)-Creating Metadata
  • The Solution? The Senturus Analytics Connector
  • Instant Access to Quality Data Sets
  • Don’t Sacrifice Integrity for Agility
  • Senturus Analytics Connector Demo
  • Summary
    • (Re)-creation of Metadata is Slow, Challenging and Risky
    • The Senturus Analytics Connector Gives Agility and Integrity
    • Spend Time Doing Analysis, Not Prepping Data that’s Already Curated Elsewhere

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