Using the New Cognos KPI Capability & Relative Time Structures

January 23, 2020

Cognos Analytics (v11), Report Authoring

Demo and How-to of the Best New Features in Cognos

Cognos Analytics 11.1.4 levels the dashboarding field with Tableau and Power BI by finally giving us what we’ve been asking for: key performance indicator (KPI) visualization. Now we can quickly display visual indicators like up/down arrows for a KPI relative to a target.

In this webinar recording, see a demo and how-to of the two coolest updates that came out in 11.1.4: the KPI feature and the use of relative time structures in a data module. Relative time structures allow quick calculation of typical YTD and YoY measures relative to a specific date, a function that can be used in conjunction with the KPI dashboard function to show YoY sales. The KPI dashboard has become a managerial must-have report for assessing business performance. With this capability in Cognos 11.1.4, it is easy to offer an at-a-glance view of important performance metrics.



Cognos Analytics


Pedro Ining
Sr. Business Analytics Architect
Senturus, Inc.

Pedro joined Senturus in 2010 and brings over 20 years of BI and data warehousing experience to his role. He has been instrumental in implementing data warehousing systems from scratch and has experienced the evolution of the BI industry through several iterations of BI products like Cognos, MicroStrategy and Tableau.


  • IBM Cognos Analytics KPI
    • KPI visualization now available in Cognos Analytics 11.1 R4
    • Allows quick visual of a measure as compared to a target or other measure
    • Combined with the 11.1 relative time feature, allows quick building of KPI comparison visuals
  • Cognos relative time
    • Available in since Cognos 11.1
    • Allows easy building of relative time measures e.g. current month vs. current month last year, MTD, YTD, QTD, YoY
    • Only available in data modules NOT Framework Manager
    • For relational data sources
    • Out of the box, date always relative to current date
  • Lots of demos