BI Tool Comparison and Recommendation

When it comes to BI tools, there’s a veritable jungle of choices out there, all with varying pros, cons and considerations to take into account. Short of the impractical choice of becoming an expert in each tool, how do you determine the one best suited for your organization’s particular application or business needs? You can look to the rankings in the Gartner Magic Quadrant, but they won’t help connect you to the best choice for your particular needs. And for unbiased advice, you can’t turn to a vendor (or many consultants either for that matter as they are aligned with a vendor).


Example of BI Tool Evaluation

Senturus offers an in-depth, unbiased evaluation of Cognos Analytics, Power BI and Tableau. We can also assess any other BI tool in the market. While we focus on the three market leaders, we have deep expertise in a wide variety of analytics tools and have always operated with a philosophy of applying “the right tool for the job.” We assess tools against your business needs and help you find the right one(s) for YOUR job.



Our evaluation goes deep and individualized. We track, compare and rate over 150 attributes of the BI tool(s) you are considering. After in-depth interviews, we align those attributes against your needs and goals. 

Deliverables include

  • Ratings matrix of over 150 attributes
  • Live tool demos
  • Cloud vs. on-prem options
  • How the tools fit into your security strategy
  • Enterprise vs. self-service capabilities and options
  • How to best leverage your current BI environment
  • Migration options
  • Working prototypes using your company’s data (if desired)

  • Caliber and completeness of BI/analytics capabilities
  •  Product improvements and company investment
  •  Data source connectivity
  •  Integrations with other business tools
  •  Availability of resources
  •  Usability, training, implementation and support
  •  Proven performance
  •  Scalability
  •  Company “staying-power”
  •  Security
  •  Software type/browser support
  •  Mobile
  •  Data source and package support
  •  Report types
  •  Visualization
  •  Report functionality