BI Tool Comparison Service

Business Intelligence Tool Comparison

When it comes to choosing between BI tools, there’s a veritable jungle of pros, cons and considerations to take into account. How do you determine the one best suited for your organization? Looking to the rankings in the Gartner Magic Quadrant won’t help connect you to the best choice for your particular needs. And you can’t turn to a vendor for unbiased advice (or many consultants, for that matter, as they are aligned with a vendor).


We cut through the vendor noise, providing an unbiased and in-depth comparison of BI tools.

While our practice focuses on Power BI,  Tableau and Cognos, we have deep expertise in a wide variety of analytics tools and can assess any other tool in the market.

  • Perform in-depth evaluation of features and functions across BI platforms. 
  • Help you align your specific business requirements to the best platform for your organization.
  • Share how features work relative to each other and where the capability gaps exist between platforms.
  • Expand discussion (as required)  to include
    • Architecture
    • Cloud vs. on-prem options
    • How the platforms fit into your security strategy
    • Enterprise vs. self-service capabilities and options
    • How to best leverage your current BI environment
    • Migration options
    • Hybrid options and best practices

Cut through the vendor noise


Get a jump on evaluating Cognos, Power BI and Tableau. Download our comparison of 50 features and functions.