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5 Areas Power BI Outshines Tableau

While Power BI and Tableau offer many of the same capabilities, Power BI outshines Tableau in five areas. If these five rank high on your list of requirements, this information can help guide you to the correct choice for your company.


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Data Governance Tools Comparison Chart

The number of options for technology to help sustain data governance is daunting. We compare 5 top data governance solutions plus 4 additional players to watch as the market continues to evolve. Download our chart for side-by-side tool comparisons on factors including deployment options, APIs, reporting, AI assist, cost and more.

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5 Areas of Comparison: Snowflake vs. Azure Synapse Analytics

Both Snowflake and Azure Synapse Analytics provide cloud-based data warehousing in a SQL database. Read about different approaches each takes in areas such as SaaS vs. PasS, compute resources, querying semi-structured files using SQL, source controls and tools for data integration and transformation.

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5 Areas Tableau Outshines Power BI

Tableau and Power BI offer many of the same capabilities. But in five areas, Tableau outshines Power BI. If these five rank high on your criteria list, this information can help guide you to the correct choice for your organization.

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Data Modeling & Transformation Comparison: Power BI, Tableau & Cognos

A well-constructed data model saves report authoring time and ensures data accuracy. While Cognos, Tableau and Power BI all provide ways to model data, the options, methods and approaches for doing so in each differ significantly. This chart clarifies the capabilities available within the three tools and how they measure up.

Tableau vs power bi from a tableau user’s perspective
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Tableau vs. Power BI from a Tableau User’s Perspective

How difficult – or easy – would it be for a long-time Tableau user to leverage their expertise and get up speed on Microsoft Power BI? We took the challenge and include here a comparison of over 50 Tableau and Power BI features and functions with notes on how to translate Tableau terminology, features and functionality to the equivalent in Power BI.

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Comparing the AI Features in Power BI, Tableau & Cognos

AI is popping up in business intelligence platforms. Power BI has key influencers, Tableau has Explain Data and Cognos Analytics has Explorations. In our blog, we stack up AI functionality in the big three platforms, demo’ing how well they can uncover hidden relationships in data and giving you the pros and cons of each.

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