Transitioning to Cognos Analytics v11

This on-demand webinar helps Cognos developers and system administrators make the transition from Cognos 10 to Cognos Analytics. Blending demos and discussions, we explain dashboarding, data modules and administration in Cognos Analytics.

You’ll learn about

Data modules

  • How to setup data servers
  • The data module tool and how to blend data
  • How to publish and verify the results


  • How quickly you can create stunning dashboards
  • The limitations around metadata sources


  • The gaps moving from portal tabs to the new interface
  • How the Motio PI Pro Tool can be essential to efficient migrations
  • How to limit external data uploads and data server access


Todd Schuman
Cognos Architect

Todd has over 15 years of Cognos experience and heads up the Senturus install, upgrade and optimization practice. You may also be interested in reading Todd’s blog post that describes Cognos Analytics Release 3 Known Issues and their work arounds.

Want to learn more about data modules? If so, view our step-by-step demo on how to Create Data Modules in Cognos Analytics.

Questions log

Q: Is there any word from IBM when Framework models will be supported in dashboards in Cognos Analytics?
A: This is planned for CA11 release 4, which is expected at the end of September, 2016.

Q: Does IBM have a date to use existing BI reports as a data source for dashboards in Cognos Analytics?
A: We expect you’ll be able to use exiting BI reports in dashboards in CA11 around October or November, 2016.

Q: Can I use Life Cycle Manager to aid in migrating the test and validation of reports in Cognos Analytics?
A: Yes, Lifecycle Manager is available for CA11.

Q: What Cognos Analytics release is being used in the demo?
A: CA11 release 3 is being demonstrated.

Q: Does Cognos Analytics support the Microsoft Edge browser?
A: It may work, but it is not currently listed as a supported browser. Visit the Software Product Compatibility Reports for a complete list of product compatibility:

Q: Can I place a thumbnail or shortcut of the dashboard on the welcome page for quick access in Cognos Analytics?
A: Thumbnails and shortcuts are not available today. However, you can set a dashboard or report to be your home screen.

Q: Can we create global filters that apply filters to charts on multiple tabs in Cognos Analytics?
A: We are not aware of this cabability. Filters only apply to the specific tab where they reside. This type of request would be better suited to an Active Report.

Q: Can I upload an Excel spreadsheet with multiple tabs in Cognos Analytics?
A: You can upload a multi-tab/workbook spreadsheet, but Cognos will only read the first tab/workbook. You will need to break them up into separate files to load all tabs/workbooks.

Q: Are Excel files static or do they refresh if the source file is refreshed in Cognos Analytics?
A: You will need to refresh the uploaded files manually. Once refreshed, data will reflect the updates.

Q: Is there a way to have a file loaded to a folder in team content in Cognos Analytics?
A: The initial upload will currently go to your My Content. Once it has been created, you can move it to Team Content. You can then continue to refresh the data from this location.

Q: When uploading a file can I set it to append the existing one or does it only overwrite in Cognos Analytics?
A: It currently overwrites the existing file, so you will need to append in your file before uploading.

Q: Are there any browser limitations with Cognos Analytics?
A: Visit the Software Product Compatibility Reports for a complete list of product compatibility:

Q: Please describe where we can access the cool feature in dashboards in which we can ask a question and Cognos responds with an output that we can add to the dashboard?
A: This refers to visualizations. When you click on the chart icon, you can search for and add existing visualizations and content based on the Intent feature.

Q: Is comparing Watson Analytics and Cognos Analytics, an apple-to-apple comparison? Also, which one of these can be compared to visualization tools like Tableau and Power BI?
A: Dashboard and data modules functionality is part of CA11 that it intended as an alternative to Tableau and Power BI. They are all different from Watson Analytics.

Q: Will this webinar be published as a recording? Is there a slide deck for this webinar?
A: Yes, the recording and slide deck are available at: //

Q: Is it possible for me to hide the key fields from the data modules in Cognos Analytics? I use them only for joining purposes?
A: Yes, you can right click or click on the ellipse of each element in your data module and choose to hide if you wish.

Q: How can I use a package from Framework Manager in Reports in Cognos Analytics?
A: You can use packages the same way as you have in the past. Select data sources, click the plus icon to add a new one and select the package you want to report from.

Q: Can the RSS feeds be dynamic in Cognos Analytics?
A: RSS feeds are currently not supported in CA11.

Q: In case of multitenancy can I set the file/upload size restrictions by tenant in Cognos Analytics?
A: As of CA11 release 3, this is not possible.

Q: Does Cognos Analytics allow for ODBC connections?
A: Yes, ODBC is supported.

Q: Are there improvements on skinning and branding? Do the user interface profiles work the same in Cognos Analytics?
A: There is currently not any skinning or branding features out of the box. User interface profiles have also been depreciated. A new set of features that focus on both of these areas is slated for a release later this year.

Q: Can I create multiple home pages in Cognos Analytics?
A: You can only have one home page currently.

Q: Where are the IE public folders located in Cognos Analytics?
A: Public Folders are now known as Team Content. They can be accessed from the left menu bar.

Q: When we upgrade from Cognos Analytics v11.0.2 to v11.0.3, do visualizations need to be imported again?
A: No, visualizations are part of the default install.

Q: Can I create multiple portal tabs designed for different projects in Cognos Analytics?
A: No, portal tabs are not supported in CA11. You currently need to work the limitation of a single home page and advanced search, saved searches and recent report functionality.

Q: How do I turn filters off in the dashboard in Cognos Analytics, I’d like to see all age ranges?
A: Hold down the control key to select multiple values or to deselect a highlighted filter.

Q: How do I hide the left side and top panel so that users only see the dashboard?
A: The main menu of Cognos is not able to be hidden. The edit/pencil icon will allow you to hide most of the menus.

Q: How do I enable SSL for Cognos Analytics? I noticed all the links in the demo are http, not https.
A: Same as you did in the past, the demo environment does not need SSL.

Q: Are there any enhancements in Framework Manager in Cognos Analytics?
A: Not that we have seen. The tool remains virtually the same as it was in Cognos BI v10.2.2

Q: I noticed multiple packages in Cognos Analytics is only for Dynamic Query Mode (DQM), is it available in Compatible Query Mode might (CQM) packages too?
A: To use the new feature for multiple packages in a report, the connections need to be DQM only. No word as to when CQM might be available, but there is very little development being done by CA11 on new CQM features and functionality.

Q: Is there any difference between “Publish Package” in Cognos Framework Manager and “Try It” in data modular in Cognos Analytics?
A: Yes. Try It allows you to run and test reports without actually publishing a package. Once you are satisfied that the module looks correct, you can save it and finalize it. In Framework Manager, you must publish, then log into the portal to create and run reports. The option of testing reports before publishing is not available.

Q: Are there any changes to API’s change if I had used them to call using SDK in earlier versions? Could there be any impact and heavy rework after upgrading to Cognos Analytics?
A: The majority of the CA11 backend is basically unchanged, so we expect it to still work. You would need to refer to the SDK documentation for specifics on what has changed in CA11.

Presentation outline

  •  Dashboards
    • Still limited to file uploads and/or data modules
    • Drag and drop visualizations and filters
    • Multiple sources
    • Create engaging and visually stunning dashboards quickly
  • Data Modules
    • Set up data servers
    • Module creation process
    • Intent
    • Custom groups
    • Calculations
    • Joins
    • “Try it”
  • Administration
    • Control limit file upload size
    • Restrict access to data servers
    • Manage schedules and batch jobs
    • Portal tab migration plan
    • Motio PI Pro
    • Request for enhancement website
  • Motio PI Pro – Batch Set Interactive Mode
  • Request for Enhancement (RFE)

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