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Transitioning to Cognos Analytics V11

July 28, 2016

Deployments & Performance Optimizations, IBM Analytics & Cognos

Tips for Developers and Administrators

This recorded webinar helps Cognos developers and system administrators make the transition from v10 to Cognos Analytics (v11). Blending demos and discussions, we explain dashboarding, data modules, and administration in Cognos Analytics.

The informational benefits of this webinar include:

Data Modules

  • How to setup data servers
  • The data module tool and how to blend data
  • How to publish and verify the results


  • How quickly you can create stunning dashboards
  • The limitations around metadata sources


  • The gaps moving from Portal tabs to the new interface
  • How the Motio PI Pro Tool can be essential to efficient migrations
  • How to limit external data uploads and data server access

Cognos Analytics v11, IBM Cognos BI, Cognos Workspace Advanced, Cognos Report Studio


System Administrators, BI Report Authors, BI Report Consumers, BI Power Users (Developers, Support Staff), BI Managers, IT Managers, IT / BI Executives (CTO)


Todd Schuman
Cognos Architect

Todd has over 15 years of Cognos experience and heads up the Senturus install, upgrade and optimization practice. You may also be interested in reading Todd’s blog post that describes Cognos Analytics Release 3 Known Issues and their work arounds.

Want to learn more about data modules? If so, view our step-by-step demo on how to Create Data Modules in Cognos Analytics.


  •  Dashboards
    • Still limited to file uploads and/or data modules
    • Drag and drop visualizations and filters
    • Multiple sources
    • Create engaging and visually stunning dashboards quickly
  • Data Modules
    • Set up data servers
    • Module creation process
    • Intent
    • Custom groups
    • Calculations
    • Joins
    • “Try it”
  • Administration
    • Control limit file upload size
    • Restrict access to data servers
    • Manage schedules and batch jobs
    • Portal tab migration plan
    • Motio PI Pro
    • Request for enhancement website
  • Motio PI Pro – Batch Set Interactive Mode
  • Request for Enhancement (RFE)