How to Create Data Modules in Cognos Analytics V11

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Step-by-Step Demo

In this video, we explore the new Cognos Analytics capabilities around web modeling and data modules. We show you step-by-step instructions on how to create data modules in v11.

You can use data modeling in IBM Cognos Analytics to access and shape data from servers or uploaded files. You can create data modules by fusing together many sources of data including relations databases, Hadoop based technologies, Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, and text files.

Video how-to highlights include:

  • Uploading a local file
  • Adding a data server (using JDBC connections)
  • Joining the local file and data server in a data module
  • Using the new “Intent” feature
  • Saving your new data module and bringing it into reports

You may also be interested in our webinar video recording: Installing Cognos Analytics V11, in which Todd Schuman shares tips and tricks on installing and configuring Cognos Analytics 11.

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