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Power BI Report Distribution Options by License

Power BI has many strong options when it comes to report distribution. But, puzzling out the right Power BI license to address your reporting requirements is complex. We created a matrix that makes it easy to match up methods of report and dashboard distribution to license.

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Reference Guide Comparing Tools in the Microsoft BI Suite

Microsoft has a dizzying array of relevant, high-impact analytics products. It’s easy to get analysis paralysis trying to decide how to get the most out of their BI offerings. Fear not! our comparison matrix lets you easily view functionality across the tools and cut through the noise.

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How to Create & Publish Paginated Reports in Power BI Service

For organizations looking to move away from on-premise SSRS, you can now leverage Power BI service with premium capacity to run your RDL formatted reports. In this blog, we provide the options for purchasing premium capacity along with the steps needed to create, publish and set up email subscriptions for paginated reports in Power BI service.

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Work Around for Printing Power BI Reports

Despite its many unique strengths, Power BI has some frustrating shortcomings. First on our list is the printing experience. Read on for a first-hand account of the ironic workaround we needed to implement.

Power BI Advanced Buttons For Salesforce
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Power BI Advanced Buttons For Salesforce

Clean, straightforward and well-integrated, the advanced buttons capabilities in the April 2019 release of Power BI enable integration with Salesforce and let you up your Salesforce reporting game. We’ll take you through a simple exercise that scratches the surface of the types of Salesforce reporting you can do with Power BI. Slick stuff. Check it out!

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Power BI’s Paginated Reports – Pixel Perfection Is Here

Hallelujah! The latest releases of Power BI resolve many of the pixel perfect, burstable and paginated report issues that have been chapping our hides. While not entirely hitting it out of the park, Microsoft gives us a much better transitional process.

Tool Comparison Matrix
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Microsoft BI Tool Overview & Comparison

The Microsoft BI front end tools are rich and varied and have also changed and grown over the years. In this blog, we give an overview of the Microsoft business analytics tools, from Power BI to Excel and SQL Server and include a chart that compares their features.

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