Publishing Microsoft Power BI to an On-Premise Server

Publishing Power BI to an on-premises server is hugely desired by the community and it’s front and center on the Microsoft BI roadmap. Given the rapid release approach with Power BI, we expect to see this functionality released by the end of 2016. Until the functionality is introduced, Pyramid Service could be an option.

Insight into Microsoft’s BI roadmap. Microsoft plan to develop publishing Power BI to an on-premise server.

We recommend you get familiar with how the Power BI platform works now. If you begin work on the platform now, you could have your models developed and ready for deployment by the time this feature is available.

Comparison Chart of Microsoft Data & Analytics Technologies

Pyramid Server is an on-premises solution for publishing Power BI models, but there are some big caveats

  1. It’s still being built out.
  2. You have to have a license for Pyramid Server (a third-party solution).
  3. It only works with Power BI solutions that use live connections to on-premises analysis services solutions.

There have been Pyramid functionality updates to Power BI in the last couple of months, so it remains to be seen what exact role Pyramid may play alongside upcoming on-premises SSRS deployment support. You can read more in these blogs

In our on-demand webinar, Choosing the Right Microsoft BI Tool for the Job, we give a demo of Power BI and discuss Microsoft’s roadmap for BI.

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