Choosing the Right Microsoft BI Tool for the Job

June 23, 2016

Microsoft Power BI

Microsoft BI Past and Present

The Microsoft front end tools for business analytics are rich and varied and have changed over the years, making it difficult to determine which tool is most appropriate for business scenarios.

In this webinar recording we examine each of the Microsoft front end BI tools, from Power BI to Excel, SQL Server 2016, and SSRS to give you a confident grasp of the tools at your disposal. We discuss each tool’s strengths and weaknesses, understand when it’s better to use one tool rather than another, and how they integrate together to form a complete BI framework.

Among the benefits discussed:

  • What is new in SQL Server 2016, especially in SSRS (spoiler: a lot!)
  • What is Power BI, and how it is related to the rest of the Microsoft BI framework
  • How SQL Server 2016, generally available June 1, contributes new features towards that framework
  • When it is appropriate to present data via Power BI vs Excel vs Reporting Services (SSRS) vs some other tool
  • How Azure factors into Microsoft BI
  • Microsoft's roadmap for BI

Microsoft, Power BI, Excel, SSRS, Azure, SQL Server 2016


BI Report Authors, BI Report Consumers, BI Power Users (Developers, Support Staff), BI Managers, IT Managers, IT / BI Executives (CTO)


Shawn Alpay
BI Developer
Senturus Inc.


  • Gartner: A Technology Research Company
    • Gartner’s definition of bi-modal IT
    • 2016 Magic Quadrant places stronger focus on mode 2
    • Based on criteria change, Microsoft BI is now
  • What Is BI?
  • Microsoft’s BI Offerings, Circa 2006-2010
  • Microsoft’s BI Offerings, Circa 2011-2014
  • Microsoft’s BI Offerings, Circa 2015-2016
  • What is Power BI
  • Demonstration of Power BI