Senturus consolidated and centralized data access for the client’s Power BI reporting. The solution addressed concerns about governance and data integrity, streamlined the user experience and significantly reduced operational costs associated with Power BI developer maintenance.


This prominent global healthcare manufacturing organization was struggling with data sprawl in their Power BI implementation. Power BI developers were bogged down having to create business logic for each report and were confused by multiple duplicative datasets. In addition to inefficiency, governance, data integrity and ease of maintenance were concerns for their modest-sized, centralized team of Power BI developers.


Senturus streamlined and centralized data access for Power BI reporting. Working methodically, our team analyzed the tables used across various reports in a matrix format. Using this evaluation to obtain a clear understanding of the overlapping datasets and the scope of redundancy, duplications were eliminated. Then, a series of shared master dataflows was implemented to centralize the data. A clear lineage of dataflows was established, helping ensure better compliance and auditing capabilities.


Centralization of data promoted efficient data processes, data consistency and enhanced data governance.

  • Robust governance
    The unified data structure ensured tighter control over data access and usage.
  • Operational efficiency
    Simplified maintenance and faster report generation.
  • Concise, accurate insights
    End users get streamlined reports with accurate, consistent insights.
  • Reduced costs
    Reduced maintenance and streamlined report generation resulted in a substantial decrease in the overall cost of operations.

Data centralization streamlined reporting, significantly reducing the overall cost of operations.

About our client

Our client is a leading global medical devices and healthcare company with offices in more than 160 countries.

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