Senturus pinpointed and resolved Power BI Premium workload issues and optimized the client’s Power BI performance, allowing them to avoid moving up to a P3 license and saving them $78K annually in Power BI capacity costs.


The client was running Power BI Premium P2. Despite the dedicated capacity offered by the Power BI Premium P2 license, the client was experiencing slow backend functionality. Along with refresh failures, reports were not as responsive as expected and would occasionally error out due to high memory consumption.


Senturus analyzed the Power BI backend cores to identify the source of the processing issues and reduce compute demand. Functionality aspects were examined including refresh concurrency and duration, capacity workload, individual report performance, query performance and individual report size.

  • Reports with little to no usage were refreshing multiple times per day: refresh frequency was reduced.
  • Other datasets not utilizing best practices were identified and optimized.


  • A dataset was growing uncontrollably and utilizing up to 90% of capacity resources: the root cause was identified and fixed.
  • Migrated to more powerful P2Gen2, improving performance at no additional cost and avoiding the move to P3.


Power BI Premium optimization saved the client $78K annually and improved report performance.

About our client

The client is an American multinational medical devices and health care company with 113,000 employees and customers in 160 countries.

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