In just two weeks, Senturus developed and rolled out customized training with exercises and sample reports tailored to the client’s use cases.


The client provides IT solutions to farm credit associations and banks. They had developed a new data warehouse with a Cognos front end for use by 20 of the associations across three states. The new BI system allowed association business users to create reports and track and analyze loan and financial product performance.

However, a challenge remained: how to efficiently and cost-effectively train association business users on the new system and teach them to create their own reports.



In just two weeks, Senturus developed and delivered a three-and-a-half day customized training course to meet the client’s different use cases.  

  • Met with the client to define training objectives and understand the various user reporting needs, data models and BI system.
  • Lacking existing reports upon which to base coursework, conducted discovery to understand varying reporting needs by department and associations.
  • Worked closely with the IT staff to conduct a careful review of  the course content for relevance and usefulness.
  • Developed exercises and sample reports reflective of the associations’ specific business and reporting requirements to facilitate teaching self-service report generation.
  • Delivered the training to 50+ business users in 12 locations.


  • Learning curves shortened and adoption rates soared. 
  • Decreased work downtime. Training was focused on the most relevant skills, minimizing in-class time and time away from work.
  • Provided cost-effective training. One-time course development costs were spread over multiple sessions.
  • Reduced complexity and management time. A single, dedicated point of contact developed and delivered the training.
The training content, customized to business applications smoothed the learning curve, reduced time spent away from work and boosted adoption rates.

About our client

This client provides state-of-the-art technology services and solutions to farm credit associations and banks. Based in the Great Plains, they implement and customize solutions that encompass all front- and back-office applications and develop alliances and partnerships with farm credit and non-farm credit institutions.

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