4 Simple Mistakes That Equate to Big Reporting Errors

We all make mistakes in life. Who hasn’t forgotten to hit Mute during a Zoom call before telling the kids to pipe down? Small errors can often be rectified. But when mistakes appear in reported numbers, the consequences can seriously impact your company’s bottom line.

If you are lucky, wonky looking numbers will alert you to a problem and you can QA your way back to the root cause before the report goes out. But what about when you don’t even realize the numbers are incorrect?

In this live webinar, we will cover four reporting operations, common to all BI tools, where mistakes often hide

  • Model joins
  • Default aggregation
  • Filtering on aggregates
  • Order of operations

Demo’ing across Cognos, Power BI and Tableau, we will show you how to spot and avoid these gotchas that can seriously undermine your reporting efforts and cost your business.

Ensure your numbers are right out the gate. Don’t miss this webinar!

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