Automating Cognos Migrations & Cleanups

Cognos content stores are famously stuffed with clutter. Valuable content is mixed in with decades of duplicative or unused items. Before a migration or cleanup can occur, the 100s or 1000s of reports and models taking residence in Cognos need to be individually combed through to determine what should be kept, tossed or streamlined. Then the real business begins: unraveling all the underlying complexities to map the valuable content to the new platform or data source.

Join our webinar to learn how you can avoid this labor-intensive work. We will be demo’ing the Migration Assistant for Cognos. You’ll see how it automates the content cataloguing process helping you to:

    • Sort out valuable content from unnecessary bloat
    • Dramatically reduce the content that needs to be migrated (by 97% for one client)
    • Identify content impacted by data source changes
    • Streamline the re-creation of content in a new platform
    • Get the insights needed to accurately budget
    • Significantly accelerate a Cognos migration or consolidation

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