Overview of the Azure Data Platform

Looking to move to the cloud and modernize your analytics environment? Microsoft’s Azure data platform may fit the bill. Highly secure and providing limitless scalability, Azure data-centric architectures facilitate easy collaboration and help speed time to market.

Come to our webinar for an overview of Azure and the key technologies in its data platform. This event is a great opportunity to learn how to use Azure data services to solve common data challenges using best-practice architectures. Topics we will cover include

  • Data workloads on Azure: transactional vs. analytical
  • Popular Azure services for relational and non-relational data scenarios
  • Benefits of Azure for data-centric architectures
  • Azure greenfield projects and data migrations
  • Storage approaches: data lake, data warehouse, data lakehouse
  • Key technologies we will cover: Azure Storage, Azure SQL Database, Azure Synapse, Azure Data Factory, Azure Databricks, Power BI

Join us for this Azure overview, discover practical tips and discover if it is a good fit for your organization.

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