Tableau Data Visualization & Dashboarding, Advanced



This self-paced course is designed for students who have taken the Senturus Tableau Intermediate class or with one or more years experience working with Tableau Desktop. The topics focus on performing complex sorts, working with multiple data sources and data extracts, creating text-based visualizations and adding custom splits.

The course includes video how-to demos and practice drills.

Learners with extensive Tableau experience may want to consider our Expert course instead.


Hands-on learning exercises in this course will be completed on Tableau Desktop 2019; however, nearly all techniques are also relevant to all versions of Tableau Desktop 2018 and 10, except where noted throughout the course.


16 hours


Consumers of business analytics information and business analysts who have attended our Tableau Intermediate class or have one or more years of experience in Tableau.

  • 24/7 access to the class
  • Downloadable course manual that may be kept for future reference
  • Documentation on how to access and navigate the e-learning interface
  • Supplemental files and data sets, where applicable

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Perform complex sorts

  • Discuss why sorted visualizations do not always appear correctly
  • Use the INDEX function

Examine additional visualization types

  • Work with expanding bubble, donuts and clusters

Work with multiple data sources and data extracts

  • Create a data extract
  • Discuss custom SQL
  • Create a union
  • Blend data
  • Use data blends with calculated fields including NULL values

Create text-based visualizations and add custom splits

  • Work with splits
  • Build regular expressions

Work with calculations

  • Use calculations for statistical purposes
  • Examine the impact of aggregation in calculations

Use LOD calculations

  • Introduce and use Level of Detail (LOD) calculations
  • Work with nested LODs

Add parameters to a worksheet

  • Use parameters to filter
  • Use parameters for other purposes

Explore advanced uses of bins and sets

  • Create a dynamic set
  • Work with histograms

Perform advanced comparisons

  • Show progress towards goals
  • Create a top-N visualization

Build advanced maps

  • Examine additional map types
  • Review automatic geocoding in Tableau
  • Modify geocode locations
  • Perform custom geocoding with data blending
  • Use background images in visualizations for spatial analysis

Develop with custom dates

  • See how Exact Date functions

Delve into forecasting and add trendlines

  • Explore forecasting
  • Review trendlines
  • Enhance forecasting with the use of trend lines

Work with distributions of data

  • Understand and use Pareto visualizations
  • Customize Pareto visualizations

Create advanced dashboards with actions

  • Add interactivity to dashboards
  • Leverage instructions and annotations
  • Add actions to a dashboard
  • Add tabs to a dashboard
  • Add navigation and help to a dashboard
  • Assess performance of a dashboard

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  • Students will need access to Tableau Desktop with the standard sample data sources and files to complete the exercises.

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