Accelerate Report Migrations from Cognos to Power BI & Tableau

August 06, 2020

Decode Cognos reports and models with the Report Insights utility

Decoding Cognos reports and models in preparation for a migration to Power BI and Tableau is probably the most time consuming and daunting aspect of the platform transition. In this on-demand webinar, learn how you can efficiently organize and understand your Cognos report content and save yourself lots of time and money in the migration process.

Information that is essential to business logic is hiding in Cognos nooks and crannies. Translating and documenting this information takes a lot of time, patience and a good deal of Cognos experience. Our Report Insights app automates and accelerates this manual process. Analyzing Cognos reports and models, it provides a clear, concise account of the information you need to quickly transition to your visualization tool.

We show you how our Report Insights app makes it easy to prioritize, eliminate or enhance reports in preparation for migration. You will find answers to questions such as:

Framework Manager database layer

  • What are the physical tables I need to capture to rebuild these reports?
  • How do these tables join/relate to each other?
  • What is the lineage for a data item used in a report?

Report spec summary

  • How many pages does a report have and what objects are on each page?
  • What queries does each object reference?
  • What data items and calculations are in each query?
  • How are data items being aggregated?
  • What filters are being applied?

If you’re pivoting to Power BI or Tableau from Cognos, this utility is a must have tool that will not just save time and money but will help maximize the functionality of the new reporting platform from the start.


Todd Schuman
Practice Lead Installations, Upgrades and Optimization
Senturus, Inc.

Todd has over 18 years of business analytics experience across multiple industries. He also regularly connects with the IBM product development team and has been in the forefront of the Cognos Analytics upgrade and installation process since it debuted. He lives with his wife and two daughters outside of Washington DC, in Virginia.


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