Get Help Moving from Tableau Desktop to Tableau Server

Tableau Server Optimization Assessment

Every day we speak to organizations struggling to extend Tableau from the desktop to a wider enterprise audience with Tableau server. Common concerns include

  • Slow running visualizations
  • Difficulty connecting and blending data sources
  • Server administration
  • Appropriate guardrails to data access
  • Security
  • Data governance
  • Frequent software upgrades
  • Integrating with other BI platforms

Harnessing the full power of Tableau across the enterprise requires an in-depth understanding of Tableau Desktop, Tableau server and the back-end components.


Our Server Optimization Assessment is designed to help you address Tableau performance issues and create a deployment strategy for success.

  • Check Tableau Server configuration settings for best practices
  • Explore hardware sizing and provide guidance
  • Inspect network/hardware configuration and settings for best practices
  • Analyze backend data sources and structures
  • Analyze a sample set of worksheets and dashboards to troubleshoot performance issues
  • Provide findings and recommendations pinpointing sources of performance issues

Get to the root of your Tableau performance issues