Tableau Server Optimization Assessment

Undoubtedly, Tableau is one of the leading business analytics tools in the market with its easily built visualizations. But every day we speak to organizations struggling to extend Tableau from the desktop to a wider audience with Tableau server.  

Our Server Optimization Assessment is especially designed to help companies cross this divide. Senturus provides the specialized knowledge and diagnostics required to address Tableau performance issues and create a deployment strategy for success.

Common challenges of moving from Tableau Desktop to Tableau server for enterprise deployment:

  • The visualizations are great, but the response time is slow.
  • We’ve got multiple data sources we want to analyze, but can’t figure out how to connect and blend them.
  • Tableau server will allow us to publish to a wide audience, but how do we maintain security?
  • Our executives require a different type of report than middle managers and analysts. How do we create the guardrails to appropriately distribute content to the different users in our organization?
  • We need a deployment strategy to ensure each of our users actually uses the content.
  • We don’t know which Tableau dashboards and reports are the best ones to use to make our analytics actionable for users.
  • The software is constantly being revved and we don’t know if we should upgrade or stick with what we’ve got.
  • Do we have the right staffing resources in place to deal with Tableau server administration? Is Tableau server even necessary?
  • We have an enterprise BI deployment with a tool other than Tableau. How do we integrate it with Tableau? Which do I use when?
  • How do I govern the data?


To unleash the full performance power of Tableau across the enterprise requires an in-depth understanding of Tableau Desktop, Tableau server and the back-end components. The team at Senturus is intimately familiar with the underpinnings of Tableau and the structures of most of the data sources that typically inform enterprise analytics. With our formidable understanding of Tableau, business practices and business analytics architecture, we are the ideal partner to bring in when it’s time to scale Tableau to the enterprise.


In a matter of 2-3 days, Senturus will assess your current environment and produce a findings and recommendations document that will identify the issues in your environment. In fact, we are so confident that our method works, we guarantee our work. If Senturus does not find and diagnose the factors creating your challenges, you don’t pay.




The Tableau Server Optimization Assessment is performed over a two-day period (16 hours). The examination includes one dashboard and its associated worksheets. Up to three data source connections within Tableau (associated joins) are examined for their role within the single dashboard. Within the data sources, one database (i.e. SQL Server, Oracle, Redshift, Excel, etc.) will be selected and analyzed based on its role related to performance issues. The examination is limited to a single server instance. Network test requires client to provide Tableau desktop installation on the Tableau server environment. Client must provide the appropriate resources for interviews on the dashboard purpose and technical (IT) infrastructure supporting the dashboard. Senturus will provide a detailed list of findings and summary recommendations for performance enhancement.