Azure SQL Data Warehouse Architecture & SQL

Beginning-intermediate 3 days

In this course you will learn

  • Basic SQL functions
  • The SQL WHERE clause
  • Distinct vs. group by
  • Aggregation function
  • Join functions
  • Date functions
  • OLAP functions
  • Temporary tables
  • Sub-query functions
  • Strings
  • Interrogating the data
  • View functions
  • Set operators
  • Data manipulation language (DML)
  • Statistical aggregate functions

Included in this course

  • Microsoft official courseware


No prior experience is required.

Course Outline

  • Azure SQL data warehouse table structures
  • Hashing and data distribution
  • The technical details
  • Create statistics using SQL
  • The Basics of SQL
  • The SQL WHERE clause
  • Distinct, group by and TOP
  • Aggregation
  • Join functions
  • Date function
  • Temporary tables
  • Sub-query functions
  • Window functions OLAP
  • Working with strings
  • Interrogate the data
  • Table create and data types
  • View functions
  • Data manipulation language (DML)
  • Set operators functions
  • Stored procedure functions
  • Statistical aggregate functions
  • Systems views
  • Nexus

This class does not require installation of any software. The class is conducted in a remote environment that we will provide. You’ll only need a local computer with a web browser and a stable Internet connection. We recommend a recent version of Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.

We recommend using two monitors in order to simultaneously view the training presentation and hands-on class work.

You’ll receive a link to join the class. We recommend using a headset instead of the computer’s microphone and speakers. You may also listen to the audio by phone.

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