Custom Training and Mentoring Across the BI Stack

Private Group Training

Private INSTRUCTION: Power BI, Cognos, Tableau

If your company has five or more individuals who require instruction on the same topic, take advantage of our private group instruction. This cost-effective approach allows you to take the same courses in Tableau, Power BI and Cognos we offer in our public online classroom and  customize instruction to suit your needs. Students benefit from being able to address actual work questions with the instructor without fear of compromising company content.

Senturus is recognized for the excellence of our training. Our classes are taught by real-life subject matter experts who impart practical, directly applicable skills, providing hands-on learning and answering student questions. There’s a reason why students say “Senturus training is the best for training.


Optimize the private teaching experience and provide optimum subject matter relevancy by taking advantage of our customization options:

  • Have our course content customized to meet your company's unique needs
  • Use your company's data during training