Analytics Platform Migrations

From front-end tools to back-end architecture, our migration specialists have deep understanding of both enterprise BI platforms and visual analytics tools.  They apply their formidable combined experience to assure rapid and optimized analytic platform migrations for enterprise-level organizations. 

Our proprietary accelerator tools and structured process allow us to perform efficient, error-free cross-platform migrations. Our Analytics Connector allows you to run the old and new platforms in parallel providing stakeholders time to gain skills and confidence before the full migration. With the seasoned and knowledgeable Senturus team at your side, you will save time and money, migrating to a new, stable system with minimal downtime to your end users.


Our structured process ensures migration success. We thoroughly understand your current system before we begin and then perform a rigorous QA before we finish.

Every migration starts with a complimentary consultation with a senior BI architect who will interview you to understand your current environment and migration requirements. You will be given a detailed questionnaire with tool specific questions to drive the project scope. With the responses to these questions and an understanding of your environment, we will do an upfront assessment to categorize the complexity of the reports (low/medium/high).

Choosing a subset of reports, your BI architect will perform a more detailed assessment and proof of concept to test the ability to use our proprietary accelerator tools, third party tools and the latest software functionality in the migration. 

Additionally, our architects interpret business needs to optimize the business analytics reports. That means typically only 10% of the current report count is needed after the report optimization assessment is complete (e.g. replace multiple artifacts with one drillable dashboard).

With in-depth assessment and testing complete, we will build a Migration Project estimate that will reflect the most cost-effective, efficient and appropriate method to complete the project.

Senturus takes the same care in executing the project as in planning it. Our structured processes for collaboration, version control, quality assurance and user acceptance testing assure tightly controlled report quality. The strength of our collaboration process also allows us to staff large teams and projects and meet exceedingly tight deadlines when necessary.


Our experts have experience migrating to and from many platforms, including

  • Data Manager to SSIS or DataStage
  • Cognos Cubes to MSAS
  • Cognos to Tableau or Power BI
  • Business Objects (BO) to Cognos
  • Oracle OBIEE to Cognos
  • Crystal Reports to Tableau, Cognos or Power BI