BI Platform Migrations

From back-end architecture to front-end tools, our migration specialists have a deep understanding of enterprise BI platforms and visual analytics tools. Implementing a structured process and using proprietary accelerator tools, we ensure rapid, optimized cross-platform migrations. We take best practices and business value into consideration, working on models in the areas that give the most business value.

Using Senturus for your migration offers bottom line benefits

  • Saves up to 75% of modeling and migration time
  • Provides substantial cost savings
  • Eliminates manual errors
  • Maintains data consistency by preserving “one source of the truth”
  • Prevents needless end-user downtime

Further facilitating the smooth migration process, we can leverage our Analytics Connector to allow your organization to run the old and new platforms in parallel. Stakeholders can then take time to gain skills and confidence before the full migration.

With the seasoned and knowledgeable Senturus team at your side, you will save time and money migrating to a new, stable system with minimal downtime to your end users.


Converting to a new platform raises concerns because existing data models and business logic can get lost along the way. These losses would create a significant burden to the company in terms of lost productivity and the possible introduction of errors in the attempt to determine and recreate previously applied logic and calculations.

To address this problem, Senturus developed migration tools that migrate data models and provide insight into report function, features and usage.



Our experts can help with full platform migrations, migrations of tools and applications and moving your existing platform or application to the cloud.  Our experience includes

Full platform migrations

  • Cognos to Power BI or Tableau
  • BusinessObjects to Cognos, Power BI or Tableau
  • Oracle OBIEE to Cognos, Power BI or Tableau 

Application/tool migrations

  • Cognos Data Manager to Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) for data loading and prep
  • Cognos Data Manager to DataStage for data loading and prep
  • Cognos Cubes to Microsoft SSAS for data modeling
  • Crystal Reports to Tableau, Cognos or Power BI for reporting

Moving to these cloud services

  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Microsoft Azure
  • IBM’s Cognos Cloud

Migrating from Cognos Framework Manager to Tableau or Power BI?

We can do a proof of concept model migrations and report rebuild.

We will

  • Migrate Cognos FM model to Power BI or Tableau Desktop
  • Walk through report rebuild
  • Provide recommendations for accelerated migration