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Transitioning V10 Skills to Cognos V11

A frequent question we hear is “Will my Cognos 10.x skills translate to the equivalent roles in v11?” We’ve created a quick-view reference chart, followed by detailed notes, about our findings on what skills will translate directly and which will not, plus we also give a quick preview about what is brand new.

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3 Common Mistakes in Power BI Premium Deployments

The potential for deployment failure with Power BI Premium is high if you don’t properly plan capacity and put governance practices in place. We outline three common mistakes we see with clients who have deployed Power BI Premium.

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Cognos Analytics V11: Report from the Trenches

Part 3: we conclude our three-part report on Cognos analytics, CA11, with parting thoughts on additional considerations that will be of interest to the authors, modelers, and system administrators among us.

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How to Create & Publish Paginated Reports in Power BI Service

For organizations looking to move away from on-premise SSRS, you can now leverage Power BI service with premium capacity to run your RDL formatted reports. In this blog, we provide the options for purchasing premium capacity along with the steps needed to create, publish and set up email subscriptions for paginated reports in Power BI service.

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Power BI Premium Demystified

Power BI Pro licensing often works well for small- and mid-sized organizations focused on enabling self-service BI. But for larger organizations that want to leverage paginated reports or require enhanced administration tools, an upgrade to Power BI Premium is needed. We tell you about included features, pricing and admin functionality.

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Power BI’s Paginated Reports – Pixel Perfection Is Here

Hallelujah! The latest releases of Power BI resolve many of the pixel perfect, burstable and paginated report issues that have been chapping our hides. While not entirely hitting it out of the park, Microsoft gives us a much better transitional process.

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