6 Ways to Publish & Share Tableau Dashboards -

6 Ways to Publish & Share Tableau Dashboards

How-to demo and discussion of pros, cons and considerations

You’ve created a great Tableau dashboard. Now you want to share your masterpiece with the right people on your team and within the organization. No problem. Tableau gives you lots of ways to share dashboards, worksheets and workbooks. What can be problematic, though, is figuring out which method to use. Each has its own set of considerations. Private access? Public? Will others be able to view your content on the application of Tableau they're using? And…what if they don’t have Tableau?

Join our live webinar where we’ll cover six options for publishing and sharing Tableau content. In this demo and discussion, you’ll learn the steps to take for each option and the pros, cons and requirements to consider.

  1. Tableau Desktop  
  2. Tableau Public  
  3. Tableau Server   
  4. Metrics (new)  
  5. Tableau Mobile 
  6. Tableau embedded in a website

This interactive event is a great opportunity to learn valuable Tableau skills from one of our top Tableau instructors and real-world Tableau guru. Empower yourself and your organization with a solid understanding of how Tableau content is shared. Make sure your actionable insights get the visibility they need.