Good Data Models Lead to Great BI

When data is organized and defined to match business processes, it serves as the jet fuel to bring about actionable insight and a thriving self-service culture. Well-structured data models are the backbone that support rapid, accurate analytics. How strong are your data models?

Three common signs your data models may be letting you or your organization down:

  1. Excessively long report run times
  2. Difficulty finding the data you need from all sources
  3. Having to spend more time writing SQL code than doing analysis

If any of those symptoms sound familiar, make sure to catch our webinar on data modeling. In addition to addressing the importance of a good model, we will also discuss some database basics and:

  • Why a data warehouse and data marts are still important, even today
  • Why what you call a data warehouse probably isn’t one really
  • The impact of the source data on your reporting

Our discussion will focus on data structures themselves and is independent of any front end tool. This webinar is for everyone, regardless what analytics platform you use.

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