Power BI Report Builder & Paginated Reports -

Power BI Report Builder & Paginated Reports

Using Power BI for printed, pixel-perfect reporting

Formatting Power BI reports for laptop or tablet delivery is quite forgiving. For example, a long table can be viewed simply by scrolling. No page breaks to worry about. But what about printed investor financial reports, for example, or invoices? There are times you need to control formatting exactly for delivery as a PDF or on paper, constraining tables to fit on a page and adding headers and footers. That’s where building paginated reports in Power BI Report Builder comes in.

Join us for our latest Power BI webinar and learn the basics of working with Power BI Report Builder. In this live webinar and demo, you will learn

  • The difference between interactive and static report delivery
  • The benefits of and use cases for paginated reports
  • How to use Report Builder to
    • Connect to a data source/dataset to build a report
    • Design a basic “pixel perfect” report page
    • Publish a report
  • Report Builder licensing and usage