Snowflake vs. Azure Synapse: Comparing Analytics Data Clouds -

Snowflake vs. Azure Synapse: Comparing Analytics Data Clouds

Demos, feature comparisons & considerations

If your organization is considering moving to a cloud-based data warehouse, chances are there are two leading contenders vying for your attention: Snowflake Data Cloud and Azure Synapse Analytics. Both of the hosted platforms are appealing; each is quick to implement, separate storage and compute costs, and make it easy to scale storage and processing capacity.

Landing on one is a long-term commitment. Before you pull the trigger, you’ll want to really understand the complexities and unique aspects of each so you can decide which is appropriate for your organization.

Join our live demo and discussion comparing Snowflake and Azure Synapse. We’ll dive into some product features and technical approaches taken by the two market leaders.

What you’ll get in this live event

  • See demos of each data cloud
  • Learn similarities, strengths and weaknesses of each
  • Get criteria to help you determine which is the right choice for your organization

The data warehouse has always been the BI workhorse. These cloud-based platforms are thoroughbreds, performing with the speed and agility that modern BI demands. Catch our webinar for unbiased, expert guidance to help you make the right decision.