Cognos Analytics Release 8 Enhancements


Cognos Analytics November 2017 Enhancements

November 30, 2017

New Features

11.0.8 Demos and Q&A with IBM Product Team

See our on-demand webinar for the new functionality for 11.1.6.

Release 11.0.8 focuses on time saving efficiencies and making visualizations easier to understand. Plus, it includes many features in response to user requests for enhancements (RFE). In this webinar recording, Nicolas Leduc from the IBM product team demonstrates and discusses the November 2017 release.

Learn how R8 allows for:

  • Faster and more precise dashboard and report creation, including the addition of latitude and longitude layer in reporting
  • Customization, such as uploading custom images
  • Faster data preparation with capabilities such as faster data set creation
  • Better visibility and control of the BI and analytics environment
  • Easy tracking of dashboard use with support for auditing

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Cognos Analytics v11


BI Report Authors, BI Power Users (Developers, Support Staff), BI Managers, Business Analysts


Nicolas Leduc
IBM Cognos Analytics
Offering Management

Nic is part of the Product Management team for IBM Cognos Analytics. His main responsibilities are focused around dashboarding and mobile capabilities.


Overview of IBM Cognos Analytics Releases

  • Continuous delivery for on premise and on the Cloud
  • Contains defect fixes and enhancements
  • Installs on top, it preserves your settings and configuration
  • R3 – July 2016
    • Dashboard calculations and filters
    • Multiple packages in reporting
    • Interactivity in modeling UI
  • R4 – September 2016
    • Dashboard conditional highlighting
    • Refresh timer for widgets
    • Portal theming and extensibility
    • Storytelling
  • R5 – November 2016
    • FM packages in dashboards
    • Mapping and new visualizations
    • Infographics and nav model
    • Embed and share content
    • Portal customizations
  • R6 – March 2017
    • OLAP support in Dashboards
    • Dashboard widget connectivity
    • Mapping enhancements
    • Storytelling enhancements
    • Shortcuts and report views
  • R7 – August 2017
    • New UI for portal, dashboard and modules
    • Filter enhancements in dashboards and reporting
    • Additional visualizations
    • New logging framework
  • R8 – November 2017
    • Default Run As
    • Ambiguous connections for dashboards and modules
    • Image library in reporting
    • Latitude/longitude support in reports
    • Kiosk mode in storytelling


Highlights – R8

  • Make the old new
    • Default run action per report
    • Access to my schedules and activities
    • Ambiguous data source connections and sign-ons support in dashboards and modules
    • Ability to output a report as XML
    • Auditing of dashboards and stories
  • Easier & easier to use
    • Design mode in data set editor
  • Make it your own
    • Image library extension
  • Communicate findings through storytelling
    • Apply selection highlights on timeline
    • Kiosk mode for storytelling – autoplay + loop
  • See things clearly with viz enhancements
    • Latitude/longitude support in reporting
  • Closed 10 RFEs (Requests for Enhancements)


Content and Administration

  • Default run action per report
  • Auditing of dashboards and stories
  • Monitor my schedules and activities



  • Ability to save and output a report as XML format
  • Latitude/longitude support
  • Design mode in data set editor
  • Access to the image library



  • Support for ambiguous connections
  • Increased cap on data points
    • Tables and crosstabs: 10K
    • Maps: 30K
  • Widget title is consistent across all vizzes
  • Usability improvements
    • Change viz icon now shows the currently selected viz
    • Data point exclusions now stack and are tracked independently
  • Auditing of dashboard use
    • User, asset name, source names, execution time
    • New audit sample report
  • Audit example



  • Apply selection highlights on timeline
  • Kiosk mode for storytelling – autoplay + loop



  • Modeling diagram improvements
  • Ambiguous connections support


New Data Server Technology

  • Amazon Athena
  • Spark SQL Thrift Server
  • Azure SQL Data Warehouse
  • MongoDB BI Connector 2.2


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