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Making Tableau Dashboards Shareable

March 03, 2016

Deployments & Performance Optimizations, Tableau

Easily Create Secure, Browser- and Mobile-Based Dashboards Using Tableau Server

You have been creating dashboards and insightful analysis with Tableau Desktop. But now you want to share your work with others and allow them to interact with your worksheets. How do you do it?

The solution is secure, powerful – and equally important – easy-to-use from both the end user and IT perspectives. If your company is using Tableau, view this webinar recording on Tableau Server to learn successful implementation, including:

  • How Tableau Server allows Tableau Desktop users to share their work, with anyone, via any browser, in a secure environment
  • How easy it is to install, upgrade, administer, publish to and use
  • The powerful self-service capabilities that Tableau Server provides
  • Different versions (in-house / cloud) and licensing option (named user / unlimited)

Free Tableau Server Trial and Free Help with Installation
Click here to access the 14-day free trial and if you would like free assistance with installation contact




BI Report Authors, BI Report Consumers, BI Power Users (Developers, Support Staff), BI Managers, IT Managers, IT / BI Executives (CTO)


Chuck Hooper
Business Analytics Consultant

Chuck’s career includes over five decades of business and IT experience. He started Tableau’s Professional Services consulting organization and was a Tableau Zen Master from 2012-2014. He conducts training sessions on the use of Tableau Software products, and does speaking engagements on visual analytics, data warehouse design, and other business intelligence topics at both the technical and the executive levels.


Tableau Server Versions & Licensing

  • In-House – Named User License: $1000 / named user – unlimited hardware
  • In-House – Core Based License: $3xx,000 per 8 core box – unlimited users
  • Tableau Online – hosted Tableau Server: $500 per year per person – 100GB storage allowed

Install Tableau Server (Upgrade)

  • Run a backup of the current environment
  • Do a Windows uninstall of the old
  • Download the current installer (~990Mb)
  • Trial version is 100% functional – with 14-day trial license
  • Installs on a Windows Server – a both 32 bit and 64 bit versions available
  • Typical install, accepting all defaults = 15-30 minutes

Demonstration of Server Installation

Basic Installation is Done – Gotchas

  • Creating a “cluster” environment, for larger installations
  • Non “Active Directory” authentication can by tricky
  • Setting up Server / role-based security
  • Determining causes of performance issues
  • When to publish live connections vs. extracts
  • Connectivity from Server to DBMS – firewall issues

Ways to Implement Security

  • DBMS Server based
  • Database table linked to our analysis
  • The publisher can use a “User Filter”
  • Server administrator

Build an Interactive Dashboard

  • Use Desktop to publish a dashboard
  • Then, we will work inside Tableau Server:
    • View what we published (browser)
    • Create out own views (“edit” function)
    • Discuss administration
    • Discuss Tableau iPad apps

iPad Apps

  • Tableau App
    • More eloquent way to get to Tableau Server views
  • Vizable
    • Free app for analyzing flat file data
    • No relation to other Tableau apps / products