Our Favorite New Features in Tableau 2019.3

November 21, 2019


Data and Server Management Get a Big Boost

Hey there Tableau fans! Tableau 2019.3 gave Tableau a much-needed boost to its data and server management aspects. Improvements included: Explain Data, which uses the AI capabilities to let you easily tap into the why behind your data. Tableau Catalog which provides lineage and use statistics of your data. Tableau Server administrators also got a bunch of new toys with improved performance and server monitoring tools, promotion capabilities and at rest security encryption settings.

In this webinar recording we review and walk through these updates and give you insight into our favorite new features. The topics covered include

  • Explain Data
  • Tableau Catalog
  • Encryptions at rest
  • PDF attachment subscriptions
  • Tableau Server management
  • Resource monitoring
  • Deployments
  • External repository
  • Workload optimization



Todd Schuman
Practice Lead – Installations, Upgrades and Performance Tuning
Senturus, Inc.

Todd is a dyed-in-the-wool data nerd with 17+ years of analytics experience crossing multiple industries. BI tool multi-lingual, Todd has applied his Cognos, Tableau and Power BI expertise in many industries. His diverse subject matter expertise means he wears many hats at Senturus. Todd takes turns running our Install, Upgrade and Performance practice for Senturus, developing BI reports and dashboards, mentoring clients on BI best practices, and training the next generation of BI users.


  • Explain Data
    • Add additional insights into your data
    • Custom visualizations based on insights
    • Drill into new viz
    • Continue to explain more data
  • Tableau Catalog
    • Index metadata content on your site
    • Workbooks
    • Data sources
    • Worksheets
    • Flows
    • Maps metadata to databases/tables
    • Enable with command line: “tsm maintenance metadata-services enable
    • Requires data management add-on
    • Don’t see the Catalog?
      • Check your licenses—data management add-on
      • Was it hidden/disabled?
    • Estimating Catalog index
      • Can be time consuming to run
      • Can increase threads/memory
      • Increase threads: tsm configuration set – k graphletingestor.providerEventIngestorClient.connectionPool.maxConnectionPerInstance
      • Increase RAM: tsm configuration set – k noninteractive.vmopts
  • At rest encryption
    • Lock down extracts
      • Encrypt .hyper extracts while they are stored on Tableau Server
      • Administrators can enforce encryption of all extracts on their site or allow users to specify to encrypt all
    • Limitations
      • .tde file extracts must be upgraded to .hyper file extracts before they can be encrypted
      • Temp and cache files not encrypted
      • Workbooks (.twb) and data sources (.tds) are not encrypted
      • Excel/JSON not encrypted unless they are converted to .hyper
      • Extracts downloaded from server are decrypted
  • PDF attachment subscriptions
    • Select PDF as format for subscriptions
    • Setup subscriptions to burst to PDF—personalized report for each recipient
    • Change existing format subscriptions created pre- 2019.3
  • Tableau resource management
    • Environment or individual server
      • Server performance monitoring
      • Tableau processes
      • Background tasks
      • Concurrent users
      • Load times
      • External data requests
    • Insights
      • Slowest views
      • Longest extract refresh
    • Master Server
    • Agent install
      • Bootstrap file – download from master
      • Import in all agents
    • Agent to master – data flow
    • Installation: multi-step process
      • Install prerequisites
        • RabbitMQ
        • Erlang
        • PostgreSQL database
      • Install master
        • 8 physical CPU cores (16 vCPUs)
        • 32 GB RAM
        • 500 GB disk space
        • Setup
          • Server
          • Database
          • Message queue
        • Should have values entered by default
        • Will need to refer to account info in
          text file
      • Install agent—each server in cluster
      • Install tip—save prerequisites install account Info
    • Deployments
      • Create a plan (reuse)
      • Source and destination server
      • Select
      • Projects
      • Workbooks
      • Data sources
      • Transformations
      • Replace table/schema names
      • Custom SQL
      • Remove extracts
      • Publish options
      • Reset selections
      • Overwrite workbooks
      • Copy schedules/permissions
      • Limitations
        • Not able to deploy
          • Data driver alerts
          • Custom views
          • Thumbnails
      • Consolidate sites
      • Rollback options
      • Command line options: https://help.tableau.com/current/server/en-us/cmt-command_line.htm


  • External Repository
    • Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS)
      • Provides scalability, reliability, high availability and security built-in for PostgreSQL
    • Requirements
      • Your Tableau Server must be installed and running on Amazon Web Services (AWS)
      • Your Tableau Server must be using version 2019.3 or later
      • Your Tableau Server must have the Server management add-on keys activated
      • Familiarity with Amazon RDS setup and management
    • Migrations support
      • Local to Amazon RDS
      • Amazon RDS to local
  • Workload optimization
    • Current backgrounder runs
      • Extract refreshes
      • Subscriptions
      • Flow tasks
      • ‘Run Now’ tasks
      • Tasks initiated from tabcmd
    • Requires multi-node environment with more than 1 backgrounder node
    • Dedicate nodes to specific tasks