Power BI Data Cleansing & Power Query Editor: How-to Demos


Power BI Data Cleansing & Power Query Editor

March 17, 2021

Data Prep & Modeling, Microsoft Azure & Power BI

Organizing Data to Work for Your Reporting Needs

The key to successful reporting is the quality of data you’re working with. And while data has typically undergone cleansing and preparation before it gets to you, it’s not always organized in a way that suits practical business application. For example, the data may be organized by state, but you need to report it by sales region.

If you’re a Power BI author, Power Query Editor is your key to success in reporting. This self-service data prep tool will help you transform data into a format that aligns with business metrics.

In this on-demand webinar, watch demos of these data cleansing techniques

  • Removing null values
  • Removing columns
  • Unpivoting data
  • Add custom columns
  • Merging queries
  • Working with an M script

Don’t miss this introduction to Power Query Editor. Learn how to make data more efficient and create more accurate and better reporting.


Patrick Powers
Trainer and Consultant
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Patrick has 20 years of experience in training, business intelligence and data analytics.


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