Preparing to Deploy Power BI Premium

We regularly encounter organizations that are struggling with their Power BI deployment. They are bogged down by report sprawl, governance issues, distrust in their data and poor reporting performance due to unoptimized data models. In short, rather than experiencing the streamlined automations and access to ad hoc insights promised by self-service analytics, these organizations find their BI initiative is hamstrung.

Without exception, the culprit behind these failures is the lack of best practices and planning prior to deployment. As a result, organizations find themselves having to quickly implement governance and oversight after deployment. Instituting strategic planning after-the-fact puts organizations in the disadvantaged and costly position of playing catch up.

In this whitepaper we provide an overview of best practices that are critical to follow pre-deployment and need to be maintained post-deployment. If you put these processes in place, you will be thankful you did. You will save time, money and effort. You’ll experience the speed and agility that are the hallmark of enterprise analytics performance and scale. And you’ll be rewarded with user adoption and satisfaction.

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