Business Intelligence

The success or failure of every business is driven by the decisions that its leaders make. Decisions based on fact—and not gut feel—consistently lead to better business performance. Studies prove that companies who regularly make fact-based decisions have higher earnings growth than those that do not. Our Business Intelligence practice delivers solutions that inform smart decision-making.

For most companies the majority of high-impact decisions involve optimizing resource allocation. For example:

  • Should we increase our R&D budget this year? In which areas?
  • How much of our sales budget should go to sales reps versus sales engineers?
  • There's demand in five new market areas but we can afford to chase only two. Which two?
  • Which of our customers warrant dedicated service reps?
  • Regarding "stock-outs," what's the right balance between inventory costs and customer satisfaction?

But technologists alone cannot build these solutions. Data also needs to be structured to reveal the metrics that best inform decision-making, and that takes significant real-world industry experience. Our clients regularly tell us that that's what sets us apart.

We offer service and support in the following areas:

  • Executive dashboards
  • Balanced scorecards
  • Analytical solutions
  • Reporting solutions
  • Business process dimensional models
  • Data warehouses
  • Data marts
  • Data acquisition (ETL) solutions
  • Big data solutions
  • Requirements analysis, architecture and prototyping (RAAP)
  • Agile project management
  • Custom business intelligence solutions
  • Packaged business intelligence implementations
  • Mobile business intelligence solutions
  • Financial statement reporting
  • Financial disclosure management
  • Financial consolidations
  • Business intelligence training

Over our many years of architecting business intelligence solutions, we have developed an understanding of the technology underpinnings of each. Accordingly, we also offer clients a range of technology services from system health checks and system migrations to policy renewal guidance. For a full list of available services, refer to the sidebar located at the top of this page.