Choosing the Best Tableau Training Class for Your Organization



We provide a full Tableau curriculum with classes to match every skill level. And you can get instruction in a way that is best suited to your individual or group learning needs: on-site or virtual classroom instruction, mentoring or self-paced training.  We offer all our courses for private groups, and we can customize the course content. Contact us about private and custom courses. 

Evaluator/ Beginner

Half-Day Data Visualization & Dashboarding, Fundamentals
Provides the foundational knowledge necessary to begin visualizing data with Tableau Desktop. Ideal for those who are just getting started or merely looking to understand what is possible with Tableau.

Select a class format:  instructor-led online  or  self-paced.

Self-Taught User

One-Day Data Visualization & Dashboarding, Intermediate 
Delivers the knowledge to harness the power of the Tableau solution. Ideal for those who have an understanding of fundamentals through attendance in our Fundamentals course or are self-taught.

Select a class format: instructor-led online  or  self-paced.

Half-Day Visualization Best Practices 
Learn the best practices to apply to your own Tableau visualizations to make them more impactful and drive greater adoption and better business outcomes. The course delves into the practical application in analytics by explaining which charts are best suited to answering specific questions, and provides detailed examples of each.

This class is offered as self-paced.

Experienced Dashboard Artist

Two-Day Visualization & Dashboarding, Advanced
Outlines best practices and delves into advanced features for delivering analytics in ways you never thought possible. A logical progression from our Intermediate class. This course is a valuable learning opportunity for those with 1+ years of experience with Tableau Desktop.

Select a class format: instructor-led online  or  self-paced.

One-Day Mastering Level of Detail Calculations
This deep dive master class uses advanced aggregate calculations to address complex data challenges to understand how LOD calculations can help with performance challenges. Explore 15+ advanced real-world applications to help gain additional insight into your data, provide innovative analysis and design impactful visualizations.

Select a class format: instructor-led online  or  self-paced.

One-Day Mastering Table Calculations
This deep dive master class uses second-pass aggregation on aggregated data to address complex data challenges. Learn creative techniques for combining calculations, parameters and sets to get the most out of Tableau Desktop.

Select a class format: instructor-led online  or  self-paced.

Half-Day Specialized Visualizations
Learn the concepts of ratios and aggregation, understand when to use the ATTR function and create specialized visualizations such as Bollinger bands, Benford's law, control charts, bump, waterfall, milestone calendar and others.

Select a class format: Instructor-led online  or  self-paced.

One-Day Tableau Prep
Teaches how to combine, shape and clean data for analysis using Tableau Prep. Learn the rationale for data cleansing, gain familiarity with the Prep interface and learn how to perform common tasks such as joins, unions, pivots and aggregations.

Select a class format: instructor-led online  or  self-paced.

Half-Day Using R in Tableau
Learn how to install and configure R and Rserv in their Tableau environment. With hands-on demos you'll experience how Tableau and R can integrate.

Select a class format: instructor-led online  or  self-paced.

Half-Day Advanced Mapping
Learn to work with density maps, path maps, hexbin and use lat/long for maps. You'll also work with irregular polygons, use external WMS servers and connect to Mapbox based maps. Plus, see how to use custom background images for dynamic parameter driven mapping.

Select a class format: instructor-led online  or  self-paced.


One-Day Site Administration
Learn how to create and manage projects, including managing schedules; work with data source connections; review best practices for adding and managing content and how to customize the server.

This class is offered as Instructor-led online.

Three-Day Architecture & Administration
Gain a deep understanding of fundamental Tableau server administration concepts as well as complete an installation and perform critical configuration, optimization and troubleshooting tasks. You'll also learn content migration and other upgrade considerations when moving from previous versions of Tableau.

This class is offered as Instructor-led online.

Tableau Certification and Fast Track Instruction Bundles

Turn to us for help passing the Tableau Certified Associate exam…or to fast track your way to Tableau expertise. Our Tableau certification prep packages give you access to the full scope of our expertise in Tableau. We GUARANTEE you’ll pass.

Customized Instruction

Don’t see exactly what you need on this list? No problem. Senturus will work with you to customize a course suited to your organization and students.


With Senturus, you can choose a learning environment best suited to what – and how – you want to learn. We offer courses in both the online and on-site environments.

Regularly Scheduled, Instructor-Led Online

Senturus is recognized for the high caliber of our public courses. These instructor-led online classes, available at convenient times, are ideal for organizations that have less than five people who need training on a particular topic.
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Private, On-Site or Online

For groups of five or more requiring training on the same topic, we can make any of our public courses available as private classes. Taught at your place of business or online to your distributed team, this cost-effective option offers the same curriculum as our public course but can be tailored to better meet your organization's schedule and unique needs. To make the training even more relevant, we can conduct the training using your company's data.


We can tailor build courses to your organization’s particular needs in both Tableau Desktop and Server. Content is delivered at a pace geared to each individual user’s experience, role and familiarity with the software. We can mentor individuals or small groups, delivering instruction at a site that’s convenient for you. To facilitate user adoption, students get hands-on practice with your organization’s data, using tools that are available in their actual environment. We can also arrange for remote follow-up sessions as questions or problems arise.


There is simply no comparison when it comes to Senturus and most any other Tableau training out there. It starts with the real-world experience and tenure of our trainers. They bring a level of knowledge to each class that allows them to engage in specific issues in a way that is not possible with trainers whose knowledge of the product comes primarily from a book.

Offering significant benefits over large group and self-directed training, our Tableau curriculum has been designed to maximize knowledge and minimize time away from the office.

  • Flexible curriculum of ½-day, 1-day and 2-day courses
  • Live, interactive training in small group sessions
  • Optimized for active learning with many opportunities for Q&A and hands-on exercises
  • Students receive a comprehensive set of learning materials, including all course notes and class examples