Tip: IIS Setting for Upload Files in Cognos Analytics

If you’re using IIS to log into Cognos Analytics and want to upload files you might hit a wall, since some organizations limit the max upload sizes in IIS. The size limit in IIS might be less than the upload file size defined in Cognos Analytics. This setting in IIS needs to be changed.

NOTE: The dispatcher URL uses the setting defined by the administrator (default is 100 MB). It works fine, but not the IIS URL.

  1. Open IIS and click on Machine Name
  2. Under Feature View, double click on Configuration Editor (Management)
  3. In Section, Scroll down and choose RequestFiltering
  4. Expand requestLimits and select maxAllowedContentLength
  5. Adjust limit to match the size in Cognos Analytics

IBM will be creating a technote about this setting.

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