Senturus brought powerful self-service reporting capabilities to the client’s revenue cycle management. Shortly after being audited, claims and payment data from eight different divisions were consolidated and available. All levels of management could view metrics in an automatically generated dashboard with drill down access and at a-glance identification of trends and issues.


This healthcare provider needed to aggregate and analyze monthly revenue figures coming in from eight divisions. They were hampered by enormous amounts of data, combined with manual financial reporting processes and a reliance on Excel spreadsheets. The result was a massively labor-intensive, time-consuming revenue cycle management process that didn’t provide complete insights and comprised data security.

Executives and finance analysts lacked timely, convenient access to revenue reports and data. The existing dashboard was slow to respond and lacked visibility into metrics, trends and issues. Report distribution, via Excel spreadsheets, was restricted to limited users and lacked appropriate security.


Senturus re-engineered the client’s existing self-service environment to enable secure, efficient data extraction and reporting. We built a highly responsive, automated dashboard with drill down capabilities that provided all levels of management secure access to the metrics they required.

  • The data estate was built out to meet requirements for revenue cycle management while the existing database and fields were transformed into standard business-related dimensions.
  • A reporting layer was created to provide database access, streamlining and sanitizing the report creation and distribution process.
  • A data model was created to provide access to pre-aggregated data to facilitate summary level reporting.

Insights about claims and payments are now available shortly after the data is audited.


The new reporting solution brings timeliness, data security and efficient self-service to the client’s revenue cycle management reporting process. The newly engineered dashboard enabled data discovery and delivered insights tailored to executives and financial analysts.

  • Dashboards were fully automated and showed a consolidated view of claims and payment data with drill down access to details.
  • Insights were delivered shortly after data was audited.
  • The at-a-glance dashboard design highlighted issues, irregularities and trends for easy identification.
  • Finance analysts could quickly produce and distribute standard and ad hoc reports, securely delivering need-to-know information across the entire organization.
  • Reports were run against the database in one-hundredth of the time.
  • Analysts could “slice and dice” data to create reports quickly, and in real time.

About this client

One of the nation’s largest not-for-profit healthcare companies. This healthcare provider employs approximately 213,000 employees and physicians and serves more than 12.7 million people from 39 hospitals and 622 medical office buildings in nine states and the District of Columbia.

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