Senturus provided dashboard development, analytics support and training, helping the client improve pre- and post-sales efforts of their robotics-assisted surgery system. Senturus built two dashboards, one to help monitor and address customer satisfaction issues and a second to give field sales an impactful way to demonstrate potential ROI to prospective customers.


Sold to hospitals and medical clinics nationwide, the client’s robotics system assists in early cancer diagnosis and provides minimally invasive surgery. The customer care department wanted an efficient, proactive way to monitor customer satisfaction and product utilization. Field sales wanted a way to use data to dynamically show prospective hospitals the available market share and potential for ROI using the system.


Senturus developed two highly visual and interactive dashboards.

The customer satisfaction dashboard blends data from the client’s Salesforce database with customer satisfaction survey data. Visualizations and drillable insights work with hover and filter capabilities, allowing the client to quickly summarize the customer landscape and navigate to account details.

  • Color-coded scorecard indicates customer satisfaction from excellent to poor.
  • Spatial maps give at-a-glance location and geographical trend information.
  • Drillable insights highlight performance across frequency of use, complaints, survey feedback and conversion rate.


  • Data can be filtered by region, sales rep, time period and more.
  • Summary information displays top and bottom 20 accounts.
  • Users can dynamically adjust parameters.


The sales dashboard lets field reps do targeted cost and competitive analysis to demonstrate available market share and potential ROI using the robotics system. Data is pulled from publicly available sources containing hospital revenue and treatment statistics.  

  • Shows where the prospect’s hospital ranks against competitors for the same types of treatment.
  • Includes an ROI calculator, i.e., procedures performed/year and cost.
  • Provides insights into potential revenue, cost savings, average cost and profit for different stages of illness.


  • Shows total available market share and estimates revenue based on adjustable percentage of market share.
  • Displays current revenue vs. potential new revenue.
  • Calculates time to ROI based on projected revenue using the robotics system.



Customer satisfaction dashboard

  • Allows the client to quickly get to the WHY behind customer satisfaction.
  • Helps them respond proactively to address potential issues.
  • Provides timely, automated access to KPIs that would otherwise require a manual scramble to attain.


Sales dashboard

  • Gives sales a dynamic, portable tool for identifying, convincing and closing net new clients.
  • Available anywhere, any time.
  • Provides a vast improvement over PowerPoint.


Gives sales a dynamic, portable tool for identifying, convincing and closing net new clients.

About our client

The client is an American multinational corporation that develops medical devices and pharmaceuticals.

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