Cool Power BI Functionality You May Not Know About

With a monthly software release cycle, it can be tough to stay on top of all Power BI has to offer. Many cool, super useful features get introduced during preview and then slip into release without a lot of fanfare.

Join us for a live one-hour look at some of our favorite Power BI features that may have slipped under your radar:

  • Field parameters. Build dynamic reports using dimension-based parameters.
  • On-object interaction. Build more efficient visualizations based on fields you’ve added.
  • Power Query Editor Web connector. Use Power Query to connect to external websites and add data to your reports.
  • Calculation groups. Leverage DAX to create related measures using the Tabular Editor.
  • Object level security. Use the Tabular Editor to secure your reports down to the object and metadata levels.

Some of these features are still in preview but can enhance your Power BI experience today!


Pat Powers
BI Trainer and Consultant
Senturus, Inc.

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