Pivoting to Power BI?

Your organization has decided to move its analytics to Power BI. You’ll be tapping into self-service BI and leveraging Power BI’s powerful tools for aggregating, analyzing, visualizing and sharing data. But making the switch is not straightforward; Power BI is not a single tool but one that has many components offering overlapping capabilities. To optimize Power BI performance and scalability, it is important to identify which combined components offer the best approach for your business needs.

Let Senturus accelerate your Power BI roll out and user enablement. From help modernizing your architecture to dashboard design, staffing and training, you can turn to us for help wherever you need it along your Power BI journey.

Ways Senturus can help your new Power BI environment thrive:

  • Roadmap to modern analytics. Get help assessing your business requirements and identifying a roadmap that prioritizes the biggest areas of opportunity.
  • Migration tool. Our proprietary accelerator apps save up to 75% of modeling and migration time and eliminate manual errors. Part of our larger migration framework.
  • Analytics Insight. Get starter dashboards in Power BI and pull in the favorite features and functionality from Cognos.
  • Matching business needs to Power BI tools.  Each BI platform operates differently. We will distill your business needs as they relate to your current BI platform and identify the best Power BI tool for the job.
  • Power BI enterprise security.  We will mitigate your BI governance risks.
  • Power BI Premium implementation. We have the blueprint to accelerate your rollout of Power BI Premium.
  • Power BI staffing and expertise on demand. Tap into Senturus expertise when and how you need it.
  • Training and mentoring. We give you lots of ways to access instruction including live instructor-led online, onsite classes, e-learning and informal mentoring.