Beginning Professional Report Authoring with IBM Cognos Analytics



This self-paced learning course is for the professional author who needs to learn how to develop interactive reports using Cognos Analytics reporting. There are no prerequisites or expectations of previous experience with Cognos or any other reporting tool. The focus of this course is with relational data packages.


Exercises in this self-paced learning course are based on Cognos Analytics release 7 (11.0.7). There will be no significant user interface differences between this release and subsequent releases of CA 11.0 (through release 13). Students will be able to complete all exercises as scripted in any compatible release through release 13. 


10-14 hours

Certified ADA Section 508 compliant


Self-paced learning courses are available online 24/7. Included are a course manual that can be downloaded and kept for future reference; how-to documentation on accessing and navigating the CBT interface; supplemental files when applicable.  


30-day access:  $49
90-day access:  $79
6-month access: $99

Cost is per person. Subscriptions may not be shared. Shared subscriptions will be immediately deactivated and no refund issued.


Review Cognos Analytics Interface and Navigation

  • Highlight differences between Cognos 10 and Cognos Analytics
  • Preview how to navigate the portal
  • Preview how to create a new report
  • Explore the data, toolbox and navigate areas
  • Explore the properties pane
  • Explore page Views
  • Explore the on-demand toolbars

Create and Customize List Reports

  • Create list reports
  • Examine the object hierarchy
  • Format lists
  • Sort and group lists
  • Define group spanning
  • Add headers to a list
  • Add sections to a list

Create Filters

  • Define filters
  • Create detail filters in design mode
  • Apply detail filters in preview mode
  • Create summary filters in design mode
  • Apply summary filters in preview mode

Create Analytical Reports Using Crosstabs and Charts

  • Discuss analytical report authoring
  • Discuss crosstab terminology
  • Nest and stack in a crosstab
  • Create a crosstab report
  • Discuss when and how to use charts
  • Nest and stack in a chart
  • Discuss chart types
  • Customize chart properties
  • Use visualizations

Create and Customize Maps

  • Present data spatially using map reports
  • Customize map reports

Use Prompts and Parameters

  • Create parameterized filters
  • Examine prompt types
  • Create prompt pages
  • Create cascading prompts
  • Handle ‘no data available’
  • Highlight prompt troubleshooting tips

Define Aggregation

  • Define automatic aggregation
  • Apply automatic aggregation to a report
  • Define group aggregation
  • Apply group aggregation to a report

Create Calculations

  • Create query calculations
  • Create calculations in design and preview modes
  • Use conditional logic in expressions
  • Create layout calculations
  • Use functions in expressions
  • Create singletons
  • Create a parameterized calculation

Customize Reports with Conditional Formatting

  • Discuss conditional styles vs. variables
  • Use conditional styles to highlight exceptions
  • Use conditional styles to show/hide report objects

Link Reports

  • Define a master-detail data relationship
  • Create a master-detail report
  • Define the drill-through concept
  • Create drill-through reports

Author Complex Reports

  • Discuss report design planning
  • Work with report layout tools
  • Examine visual aids
  • Create a dashboard style report

  • Paying party will receive a payment confirmation email upon payment receipt.
  • Student(s) will receive an email with details on how to access the online classroom approximately 1-2 business days after payment. 
  • The course materials are copyrighted and any reproduction or distribution of these materials is strictly prohibited.

  • Students will need access to a compatible Cognos Analytics environment with the standard sample data sources and packages deployed in which to complete the exercises.
  • Students will need the appropriate permissions to access sources, packages, reports, data files and relevant capabilities in these environments. 

Cancel any time within 24 hours of registration for a full refund. There is a $15 fee for cancellation after 24 hours of registration. No cancellation after 15 days.