Tableau Prep: A Visualization’s BFF

May 21, 2020


Overview of Self-Service Data Prep Tool for Tableau

Tableau Prep lets you clean, structure and augment data before bringing it into Tableau. It makes transformation steps simple, repeatable and self-service.

If your data isn’t structured correctly beforehand, building the visualizations you need can be difficult…and sometimes impossible. Transforming, or prepping, data before use in Tableau makes a world of difference. However, the process is often a complex and arduous one. Typically, multiple people get involved (i.e. IT and/or DBAs) and then you run into unnecessary bottlenecks and inhibit the flow of analytics. Fortunately, Tableau Prep is here to save the day!

But it’s very different product than Tableau Desktop. So how do you get started and get comfortable with this must-have tool? In this webinar recording, we provide an overview and quick start to Tableau Prep.

You will learn

  • Why you need Tableau Prep
  • What are the licensing requirements
  • What are the current capabilities
  • What new features are slated to be coming soon

Tableau Prep helps you create clean, Tableau friendly data without having to rely on IT. Watch this video to learn about this important tool.




Patrick Powers
Trainer and Consultant
Senturus, Inc.

Patrick has 20 years of experience in data science, business intelligence and data analytics. He is a Tableau Certified Associate and a Cognos expert whose product experience goes back to version 6. He is also versed in Actuate, Hyperion and Business Objects. His certifications include multiple programming languages, including Java and C++, and database certification (MS SQL).