Data Management

No matter how powerful your data analytics tool, without the right data management you will not realize the full value from your data. Poor quality data will lead to inaccurate results. Many key measures will be inaccessible. Your analysts will waste 80% of their time cleaning and prepping data. If you are analyzing data from one source system, you may not need the help of an outside data management tool.  But once your needs grow, so does the importance of organized data.


Data management (aka data prep or data staging) is the key to nimble and reliable reporting, automation and data self-service. It becomes critical when you have disparate data sources being tapped by multiple departments. By using business logic to join and organize data sources, data prep enables success as a data driven organization.

What data management does:

  • Puts cryptic field/column/table names into easy-to-locate business terms
  • Creates field-name comparability across data sources and metrics (e.g. month vs. quarter, ounces vs. pounds)
  • Brings historical perspective to data that is otherwise just a snapshot in time
  • Allows for summary level data with drill-down to details
  • Provides the granular levels of security necessary to filter user access

While almost every organization needs some level of data staging, there is no one-size-fits-all approach. Sometimes light data cleansing and transformation with a self-service tool is appropriate. Other times, a more robust data architecture (e.g. a data warehouse or data lake) is required. It depends on the business needs of your organization.

Choosing the right approach can be the difference between orders of magnitude better performance and scalability versus money wasted through redundant manual efforts, an overbuilt system or going back to the drawing board as business needs change.


Good data management requires human knowledge in the shape of real-world business acumen and superior technical expertise. Senturus delivers. 

We understand how business users need to use the data and how to flesh out the real, relevant business needs of the company. We have worked with almost every data type, from standard on-premise ERPs to cloud-based social marketing platforms. We take into account all your existing IT investments. We also work with the latest self-service analytics tools and enterprise BI systems.

Let us help you choose the best data management approach for your organization. Whether the answer is a self-service transformation tool, a data lake, a data warehouse or a hybrid solution, with Senturus you can rest assured you will get the right-sized, solid foundation for data driven success today and as your business grows.