BI Enablement Services: Increase Return on Analytics Investment


Don’t just implement analytics, activate it

Your new analytics tool holds the promise of delivering better, faster insights and allowing self-service reporting. It represents a significant investment of time, resources and budget. And It turns out installing it was the easy part. Getting your business users to actually use it is the hardest part.

If you build it and they don’t come, your investment was for naught. So how do you bring about the cultural shift required to make your BI initiative thrive? Where do you turn for the expertise to keep your BI environment humming and your end users happy?

Senturus is committed to helping our clients become self-sufficient with their analytics. It’s why training and enablement services anchor our consulting practice. When we work for you, we work with you, sharing our knowledge and becoming a part of your team.


By providing practical, real-world instruction and making our expertise readily available, we give your organization the knowledge — and the confidence — needed to see the return on your analytics investment. 

Training in Power BI, Tableau and Cognos, via online, onsite or self-paced instruction. Learn more

Mentoring help to solve challenges anywhere within the BI stack, in hybrid environments, or specifically with Power BI, Tableau or Cognos. Learn more

BI expertise on retainer to tap the knowledge of our BI experts in an on-going and as-needed basis. Learn more

Project co-development, get expert coaching as we each apply our respective areas of proficiency to your project.

Access to our knowledge center, our free repository of demos, tips and tricks and discussions on all things BI and analytics. Learn more