Cognos Analytics v11: Report from the Trenches

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PART 3: Parting Thoughts

We conclude our three-part report on the dashboarding and data modules capabilities of Cognos Analytics v11 with some parting thoughts on additional considerations that will be of interest to the authors, modelers, and system administrators among us. Read the first two parts, Part 1: Dashboarding and Part 2: Data Modules.

Not much changes on the admin/IT side of things

What you will find is a merging of what IBM did with Cognos Express, which is provide an install package that allows you to deliver everything you need in a single, stand-alone install package, do very little configuration, and be up and running in minutes.

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Questions remain regarding migration

We hear a new version of Lifecycle Manager is coming soon, but the level of functionality is not clear. It is unlikely IBM will have any migration solution for Query Studio or Analysis Studio objects, but we’ll see. Migrating content using the export/import features has not changed, so this will be familiar.

Nothing changes in the modeling world

Framework Manager, Cube Designer, and Transformer all port forward as-is in their current state. Framework Manager and Cube Designer get a new v11 label, Transformer ports as Cognos BI v10.2.2.

Authoring received a well-needed facelift, but the core functionality is the same
  • We were a bit surprised by just how different the experience was, but certainly existing authors will find their way with a short learning curve.
  • The brand new templates are based mostly on layout; however, legacy templates are available. Apparently it’s much easier to define custom templates, although we have not yet tested this.
  • Everything in Workspace Advanced and Report Studio has merged into a cleaner, more modern user interface (UI). Most of what was spread around the legacy UI is now hidden or in an “on-demand” interface, but once you find what you’re looking for, experienced authors will not struggle. You no longer have to choose between Workspace Advanced and Report Studio, which is a nice change.
  • You can author from either a package or data module. It is hinted that a report will be able to span multiple packages/modules at some point, but once IBM integrates packages into data modules there really wouldn’t be a need to go further than that.

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