Cut & Paste Hack: Cognos 10 UI In Cognos Analytics v11

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The Cut, Copy, Paste functionality has changed in Cognos Analytics (v11) such that you have to use a Wizard to browse to where you want to copy to. You can no longer select/checkbox the reports and use the cut, copy, paste icons to move content.

This is fine for most situations, but the ability to navigate through an LDAP or AD tree is not available. This was an issue for a client where we were moving between namespaces and had to move reports from:

        Series 7-John Doe-My Folders
        AD-John Doe-My Folders

Using the technique in the link below, you can run CA11 using the old C10 UI. This allowed us to copy the user content to the “My Folder” area as it was done in the past.

This practice is obviously unsupported and probably shouldn’t be put in place for long term use, but it might be helpful if you need to use something that was possible in C10.

Good luck!