Client Case Study: Embedding Tableau Dashboards in Salesforce

In this on-demand webinar, our client Nutanix, enterprise cloud computing leader, gives a first-hand account of how it is able to progress and close opportunities faster by embedding Tableau visualizations directly into Salesforce. Combining data from both Salesforce and external data sources, the embedded Tableau vizzes give the Nutanix sales team at-a-glance access to customer insights without ever leaving the Salesforce UI.

We demo how

  • You can embed Tableau securely directly into Salesforce
  • Tableau allows you to bring any data back into Salesforce
  • Users maintain context while navigating Salesforce screens, such as accounts and opportunities

Your sales team lives in Salesforce. Learn how to give them access to all the important data they need using interactive visualizations appearing directly within their favorite tool.

On September 22, 2020, Salesforce released the Tableau Visualization Lightning Web Component. This easy to configure Salesforce app enables the same functionality as the legacy approach, but in a vendor supported implementation package.

Below is the legacy approach to implementing a Tableau and Salesforce integration before those two companies merged. This page is provided for legacy reference purposes.


Michael Hunter
Marketing Operations Manager

Michael has extensive marketing experience in lead flow, campaign management, reporting and analytics and budgeting. At Nutanix, he launches and integrates tools within Salesforce and creates streamlined processes for the marketing teams. Prior to joining Nutanix, Michael managed tools such as LeanData, Outreach, AventionOneSource, ConnectLeader and DemandTools at Fortinet.

Michael Weinhauer
Practice Area Director and Solutions Architect
Senturus, Inc.

Michael heads up the Tableau Practice at Senturus. He comes to us from Oracle, IBM and SAP, where he spent over 20 years in different roles acquiring a wealth of hands-on, practical BI and big data experience. Michael’s team is also responsible for the development of the Senturus Business Analytics Connector, which lets Tableau and Power BI use Cognos as a data source.

Presentation outline

  • Accessing Salesforce data
    • Use Salesforce integrated reporting (not Tableau)
  • Accessing Salesforce data from Tableau
    • Manually extract data from Salesforce into flat files, pull into Tableau
    • Use Tableau’s direct connections to Salesforce cloud
    • Connect Tableau to a replica database of Salesforce data that you can control
    • Connect Tableau to an integrated database that you control
    • Drill from a Tableau dashboard directly into the relevant Salesforce screen
    • Configure a Tableau URL action that combines your Salesforce domain with the relevant Salesforce record ID
  • Technique capabilities matrix
    • Drill from Tableau to Salesforce screen
    • Pass context to Salesforce from Tableau
    • Basic visualizations
    • Blended data
    • Pipeline growth trend
    • Components of pipeline growth
    • Marketing automation platform-sourced behavior score growth trend
    • Marketing automation platform-sourced updates to Salesforce campign members
    • Salesforce pipeline analysis
    • Salesforce marketing and pipeline activity
    • Data beyond Salesforce
    • Advanced analytics
  • Enter Sparkler
    • Analytics in the flow of the business process, at the point of impact
  • Why Sparkler?
    • Security
    • Context without needing to leave Salesforce
    • Data beyond Salesforce
  • Top level sales view – opportunities dashboard (Lightning)
  • Accounts dashboard (Lightning)
  • Demo
  • Nutanix overview
    • Provides enterprise cloud solutions
    • Makes IT infrastructure invisible leveraging
    • Cloud software and hyperconverged solutions
    • Public, private and distributed edge clouds
    • One-click app management
    • Enabling customers to run any app at any scale with a lower total cost of ownership
  • Nutanix improving sales operations – past state
    • Separate Tableau and Salesforce UI
    • Poor adoption because 700+ reps don’t want to leave Salesforce
    • Limited Salesforce reporting handicapped efficiency
  • Nutanix improving marketing operations – current state
    • Implemented Tableau Sparkler to embed dashboards in Salesforce
    • See Tableau visualizations without leaving Salesforce UI
      • Reference customers in real-time
      • Able to progress and close opportunities faster
    • Secure, contextually-aware, visual
  • Nutanix improving sales operations – future state
    • Marketing
      • Conference presenters
      • Seminar presenters
      • Advisory board speakers
    • Churn propensity
    • Cross-sell/upsell
    • Business value
      • Greatly reduced time to find relevant references
      • Shortened sales cycles
      • Doubled adoption by sales reps
      • Positive feedback from sales reps
      • Increased efficiency of marketing and sales staff
      • Automated
    • Technical benefits
      • Data beyond Salesforce
      • Automatic context handling
      • Secure communications
    • Summary
      • Variety of ways to access Salesforce data from Tableau, each with its own benefits and costs.
      • Tableau Sparkler lets you use the power of Tableau visualizations without leaving Salesforce
      • Use Tableau with a combined data source to unlock the power of both applications
      • Installating Sparkler is neither straightforward nor easy, but the benefits are significant

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