Under the Hood with Cognos Analytics R5


Under the Hood with Cognos Analytics R5

March 09, 2017

New Features

Say Hello to Portal Tabs Replacement

See our on-demand webinar for the new functionality for 11.1.6.

Cognos Analytics 11 Release 5 was released in November 2016 and contains great new features - including (finally!) administrator controlled user group customizations that can help you migrate off Cognos BI 8/10 Portal Tabs.

In this webinar recording we get hands-on with some of the best features in Release 5 and discuss what to expect in Release 6.

Topics covered:

  • Role customizations – bridge the Portals Tab gap to make the leap from Cognos BI 10 to Cognos Analytics
  • Geospatial mapping – today and tomorrow
  • Navigation paths – break free of traditional dimensional modeling

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Cognos Analytics v11, Cognos BI 8, Cognos BI 10, Portal Tabs


BI Report Authors, BI Power Users (Developers, Support Staff), BI Managers, Business Analysts


Todd Schuman
Cognos Architect
Senturus, Inc.

Todd has over 15 years of Cognos experience and heads up the Senturus install, upgrade and optimization practice. Todd presented alongside IBM product managers at the 2016 World of Watson conference Considerations When Upgrading to IBM Cognos Analytics. View his webinar on the same topic.


Portal Tabs in Cognos BI 8/10

  • Search
  • Websites/intranet
  • Report/dashboard viewer/landing page
  • Security limit access
  • Remove public folder

Cognos Analytics Search

  • Vastly superior to Cognos BI 10
  • No need to run index jobs
  • Auto complete
  • Save searches


  • Every report you run

Cognos Analytics Landing Page

  • Users can set as home
    • Report or dashboard
    • Run report or dashboard, click ellipsis to set
    • My preferences, home page, reset to default to revert back
  • Administrators can set as home
    • Cognos groups only
    • Available in R5
    • Manage -> accounts

Cognos Analytics Customizations

Cognos Analytics Sample JSON

Cognos Analytics Customize Accounts

  • Administrators can now control
    • Home page
    • Features
    • Themes
  • Create Cognos groups
    • Add in AD groups/users
    • Assign home page, UI features
    • Set priorities
  • Extensions can be enabled/disabled
    • Grant/restrict access to folders
    • Restrict access to team content
    • Restrict new content creation


Navigation Paths

  • Create with data modules
  • Access with dashboard
  • Special context icon
  • Break free from dimensional modeling

Geospatial Mapping

  • Today
    • Visualizations
      • Dynamic map (older)
      • MapBox (one with pin)
  • Dashboard only
  • State level shape coloring
  • Tomorrow
    • City and zip code color boundary
    • Available in reporting
    • MapBox customizations
    • Custom shapes – building interiors

Cognos Analytics Release 6 Update

  • March expected release date
  • BlueID SSO
  • Additional mapping capabilities
  • Planning analytics
  • Dashboard PowerCubes