Snowflake Cloud Data Platform


Even before its record-setting IPO, we chose to partner with Snowflake after experiencing the cloud data platform’s performance, flexibility, scalability and smart live data sharing capabilities.

An effective implementation of this new data platform still requires you to take into account some traditional considerations including data governance, cost-optimization, access to data sources and the availability of analysis-ready data.

You can count on Senturus for a proper and cost-effective implementation of Snowflake that is fully leveraged with your existing BI environment(s). Our expertise with data platforms, data modeling and countless data sources spans two decades. We know how to get the most out of business data. In fact, that’s where we really shine. And as long-standing partners with Microsoft, Tableau and IBM Cognos, we are uniquely qualified to integrate Snowflake with your analytics environment. 


We will ensure Snowflake will perform at its best and most cost-effective.

  • Data warehouse cloud migrations to Snowflake including configuring source data import pipelines, modeling data and tying data models to data visualization systems.
  • Connecting Snowflake to Power BI, Tableau and/or Cognos, securely and efficiently.
  • Assistance assembling a holistic data governance framework.
  • Integrating data sources with Snowflake including streaming data from operational systems, pulling data from cloud blog storage and directly loading structured and unstructured files from on-prem locations.
  • Data modeling for performant, analysis ready data sets.
  • Performance tuning for cost-effectiveness.


Get an itemized, phased BI strategy designed to meet your needs today and over time.