Cognos Environment Clean Up

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Over the course of years, Cognos becomes bloated with an excess of content. Duplicate and unused reports and models slow performance and require additional admin.

Reducing your Cognos footprint is especially important when

  • Introducing an additional BI tool alongside Cognos
  • Preparing for a data migration
  • Combining BI environments in mergers and acquisitions
  • Preparing to upgrade

How we can help

Leveraging our custom utility, we efficiently unwind the troves of data in complex Cognos deployments leaving you with a clean, compact and current Cognos environment. Reports will run faster and cost of ownership will decrease.

Learn more
  • Identify duplicate and unused reports and packages
  • Identify under-utilized user licenses
  • Shrink packages safely by removing unreferenced areas
  • Provides deeper insights into Cognos audit data


Accelerate report migrations from Cognos to Power BI and Tableau.

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