Mapping Capabilities in Cognos Analytics 11.0.5

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IBM product manager for Cognos Analytics Nic Leduc joined us for a webinar demo and update on version 11.0.5. Among the many questions we received about R5, a good handful focused specifically on the new mapping capabilities, which will enable the design and publishing of highly visual maps. Following is a mini Q&A focused solely on this functionality. See the full Q&A.

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Q: Are counties and cities available for free in Cognos Analytics R5?
A: Countries and states/provinces are the only boundaries that are supported in C11. There will be much more to come in future releases.

Q: Are ERSI maps available in Cognos Analytics R5?
A: IBM and ESRI are working together to make them available in a future release of Cognos.

Q: Are new maps available in Report Studio in Cognos Analytics R5?
A: The new map visualization is currently only available in the dashboard.

Q: Maps require Internet access, and some people may not have Internet access while viewing Active Reports. Would you recommend we use them in Active Reports in Cognos Analytics R5?
A: Maps are not available for Active Reports yet, only dashboards today.

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